Thursday, March 5, 2015

happy Saturdays and sweet sheeps

I love Saturdays.

And, even more special?

Saturdays devoted to art.  Oh...I looove that.  

It has been a whirl of colorful fun, a month of weekends devoted to our Saturday Mornings 2 class.  Every bit as fun as the first (I think - even though we did miss Downton Abbey this time), we have been all over the place with colors and styles and fresh ideas.  So many ideas!

We were really quite orderly and well until the Great British Bake Off projects came about, then our classroom really took off with pastries and cakes galore!  We have a bakery full of cakes/cupcakes on facebook that are ready to be shared in the classroom.  


Seriously,  it is the wildest and most fun I have had in my studio (and the kitchen) in a long time.  So fun!


Just of few of our clever ideas this time around...and the projects are now instantly ready in the classroom.  Just sign up - easy.  Over a dozen projects and many dozens more sketching ideas!  

Here are all the details:  Saturday Mornings 2 : love & whimsy

and our original class (with Downton Abbey):  Saturday Mornings 

If you were on the bench about it, you really shouldn't is really that fun.  They are so Simple.  Adorable.  Doable.  Easily giftable.  And (as I am obligated to state) highly, highly addictive.


This is also happening this week.

Snow + sheep = a heavenly mix.  

It was quite the morning of wet and woolly fun at the farm.  I can't remember being that soaked (and smiling that big) in a long time.  The sheep were so attentive (because I was laughing).  They were just so adorable in all of that fluffy soft snow.

I even caught a few smiling at me, I am quite sure of it, in their merriment of the big snowflakes falling.  They are such good friends.  Good listeners and so willing to patiently listen to me and all that I have to share.  I remind them of springtime, we talk about the littlest lambs, and share all the hopes and happiness that is yet to be.  (It may sound a bit crazy...but it is true...they are lovely friends to have.)

I hope you will join me here this weekend...for our soon-to-be Springtime Workshop that is in the works.  All of the sweet ideas, details, treats and dates will be available and it is ewe approved.  True, I checked and I can hardly wait to share the fun!

In the grace & peace of the One who loves us like little lambs,
wrapped in His goodness,


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