Monday, September 4, 2017

Heartwarming | *brand new* Online Autumn Workshop

 Italian summer evening...heaven.
I will agree, the summer days are still too warm, and long, and the gardens just ripening.  I know the lush gardens here are full of juicy tomatoes, fat onions, and delicious squashes. Are you finding the same?  I love the beauty and feel of summer. Wildflowers. Open windows. Fuzzy peaches. The long evening walks with crickets singing, having children home, trips to farmers markets, and (can I also share...) I do love to have tan legs and pink cheeks.  I do love love love summer.  You, too?

I really love when the days turn cooler, too.  It is one of my most favorite seasons (I can't pick just one!)...are you an autumn loving girl, too?     

In my time away from doing workshops online I loved being able to sketch to my hearts content.  To work alone is sometimes necessary as an artist.  It really is. For me, it was a time of purpose, of gathering hope upon hope, and keeping my feet forward -- looking to the time I could jump back into a wonderful artist community.  I came up with so many wonderful, new ideas and just couldn't wait a moment longer to jump back in.

But mostly...I really, really love you, my sweet artist friends!
Yes, you!!!

It is important to care for your inner artist.
She needs quiet moments to pursue her heart's inspirations. make the art.

 * * *
It really is almost that time of year...and I wanted you to be the first invited!

Heartwarming Online Workshop
{an emotionally warming and uplifting collection}
Our brand new Fall Online Workshop

* * *

Wonderfully simple and wildly colorful projects.
Simple instruction, easy to create and share.
Joyful messages of hope.
Fresh imaginative sketches.
Encouraging ways to grow your artistic passion,
and full of organic deliciousness, too.


You really can't find a more wholesome and fresh mix of fun.
This year I have made a huge list of projects to try...
There is  so much goodness planned!!!  
We will be creating all kinds of goodies I love:
beautiful barn collections 
pumpkin potagers
fall berries with crisps & cream
autumn gathering watercolors
a bloom and a bee
"be a blessing" - Thanksgiving art
farm to table art &
a garden in every pot
autumn stories, quotes, and prayers 
and *new* coloring pages, too.

With sketches to last you all season long!

You are welcome to use:  art journals, canvas art, block art (a favorite medium of mine - instruction in class), watercolors, acrylics, pen & ink, and loads of photography ideas. 

Every class I offer is filled with silly and sweet inspirations. Every day we spend together will be a treat for us both - creating new meaningful collections of art, sharing our hearts, and being reminded again and again...

You are a beautifully unique artist and you are so loved! 

I will be online during our live class (October) and a I will be a daily support in our online artist community daily throughout the season. Our online community is full of some of the most kind, friendly, helpful, and silly-wonderful friends you could ever meet. 
We do have the most lovable artists around!
Oh yes...silliness is always encouraged!

Heartwarming Online Workshop

We will have three FULL weeks of inspiring and spirited art
& a delicious mix of fresh organic treats.

A workshop full of projects to keep your fingers, tummies, and  hearts full of creative fun~ 
with lifetime access to all class materials!

Class begins October 1 

& will be instantly available online after October 1st

Each week's projects will be immediately available on each Friday for three weeks. 
You will have access from any computer, tablet, or phone with your passwords.  
So simple!


$42 - an amazing price for so many projects!

You will receive an email confirmation and welcome letter within 48 hours of signing up.  
          *Please make sure to give me your preferred email address when you complete your payment.  

Heartwarming:  a Harvest Party Open House

Open House...a delicious and festive welcome to class will be right here, 
starting September 22.  All questions and class materials needed will be available.

I hope to see you soon!!!

Sweet all her autumn glory


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