Friday, February 13, 2015

paper hearted

From our current Saturday Mornings Class...little heart blocks.

Tenderhearted with my little paper heart.

I think the middle of February has always been this way for me.  The holiday falling between the big deep snowfalls and the wistful way I viewed the ideals of romantic love.  My heart, a mix of every sweet love story you can think of, so caught up in the infatuation of it all.  Honestly, hopeless...I have always been addicted to love.

I am a sappy romantic.
I am a hopeless idealist.
And...I really

My tenderheartedness comes from a deep place.  
A place that knows love and loss.  

Many, many come from this place.  I am not alone.  We hold hands through these times, don't we? 

Too many times spent hoping, wishing, and kneeling - longing for something different - something to change.  And a tired mind, trying to hard to make up for what the heart wished it had.  
I had a heart that was too broken to be mended and had to be made new.  

Have you ever just asked for a brand new heart? 

It may sound sad, but it isn't.  

There is a gift of new life that accompanies those that fall into the arms of God's grace.  When our own ideas, strength, and desires fall apart and we crumble into his hands.   His heart is for us.  He knows every tear, He comforts every sadness,  He makes us smile (and laugh loudly) with things He knows we love.  

For me today, it is the the dancing lambs in the field and the big owl bobbing his head from the big tree.  He knows.

His love is what our heart wants most of all.
Real.  Honest.  Adoring.  Never ending. 

I pray, that if you are in a place of quiet tenderness, wanting and needing to be loved, you will open yourself to what new-heartedness is offered.   Perhaps you will quietly hold out your hands and hold out your heart, and be willing and expectant that God's love will cover, embrace, begin to warm you.  

I can't imagine a better Valentine.  

Grace & Peace, 


And please don't think for a minute that I don't love a sweet box of chocolates, a bunch of fresh flowers or a little heart shaped note...I do!    

{Paper Hearted}

Yes to this sweet book!

A beautiful friend is sharing a new story.   It is a brand new offering from Courtney Walsh, called Paper Hearts.  A darling story that I can't wait to read.  I am still and will always be a hopeless romantic you know.  Hopeless...Lol! 

I think any beautifully told story that bring our  hearts back to a place of love are worth sharing and telling.  I am so grateful for writers that do just that!  Thank you so much Courtney, for bringing a story to life that makes our hearts so happy!  

I also think her book's trailer is a fun watch, you will love it.   She is also welcoming so many artists and friends to take part in her launching of this precious story, you will want to see how all of these lovely ladies take in the message and thought behind Courtney's Paper Hearted theme.  She is doing a giveaway as that! 

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