Saturday, March 7, 2015

pink cheeks & mud puddles

I can feel it already.  

It's just around the corner...


To me, the anticipation of spring is like looking forward to a huge event each year.  The longer days of playful sun, bright blue sky, and a warm breeze makes it easier to get up and about, right?  And add to that - every new gift the season offers: the budding trees, the little shoots of peonies, the migrating birds and the newest babes in the barnyard.  Our list of grateful newness just grows and grows!  

Every single gift makes me smile with joy.  Does it do the same to you, too? 

Obviously the lambs are a HUGE part - my youngest son, helping at the farm

Our new Spring workshop starts in April.   

My heart is full of joyful ideas for a spring class, one that is engaged in the wild and playful abundance that this season offers.  I want to invite you to come with me... to be captivated by what is just outside our doors.  To grab our jackets, muddy boots, and  jump into all new ideas awaiting us.

 Over a dozen, divinely touched, hope-filled, and lighthearted projects 
to gift our hearts and homes. 

The Art of Spring : pink cheeks & mud puddles

Our workshop is already being filled with so many adorable projects in all types of mixed mediums.  
We will be filling our sketchbooks, art journals, canvases, blocks, and spring studios with the this year's most precious things:

pigtails & pigtails
barnyard blessings
boxes of bunnies

friends of the farm
baby bulbs
well loved eggs (oh, my)

a walk to the farm
charming roosters 
(with a lovely guest artist)

lambs in the pussy willows

to market - Daisy & daisies 
(think Downton Abbey)

little black sheep
piles of vintage quilts 
barn cats

and more... 

a welcome message from me each week

& spring treats from my favorite chef - Rhetta - yes!

Our art will include pencil sketches, watercolors and acrylic projects.


Once purchased, this Art of Spring workshop is yours to keep.
I will send you a confirmation email within 48 hours and a welcome email on the day of class.

Our online Open House is HERE

The Art of Spring : pink cheeks & mud puddles

 Class begins Wednesday, April 1st 

3 full weeks of workshop instruction 
easy online access 24/7 at your fingertips
every level of ability welcome  
a teacher who adores you and your art 
over a dozen unique and personal art projects (with many extra sketching ideas) 
delicious Springtime recipes and instruction 
merriment & stories from the blessed barnyard 
a riotous & very loving private online facebook group


A great price for soooo many projects!  

This is a perfect season to watch with our artful eyes - 
it is brimming with new delights everyday!


I have an original Art of Spring Workshop and  I love every adorable and meaningful project.  

If you didn't have a chance to take the Original Art of Spring, all of the information is right here:

a 12 project, art-at-your-own-pace,  online workshop 

These are just a few of our many more! 


"Life doesn't have to be to perfect to be beautiful"

love & lambs,

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