Thursday, March 7, 2013

a happy place

(a Springtime project for the upcoming workshop)

I have been hiding in my studio, I can't help it, it is just what I needed.   

It is the time of year I am most prolific, productive, plenteous, effluent...(I do love juicy words).  
Projects pile up along long counters, bits of paper and paint stick to my sweaters, bright sketches fill 
up my sketchbooks, and calendaring out days of deadlines...  

It is a colorful and happy mess -- a very happy place.

I know in my heart that winter is pulling away.  Snow and ice still hang on my home, my trees, my muddy boots, but I feel the change in the air and it brings new energy and life to my days.  Can you feel it coming?

The sun streams in the sun room windows.  Birds are busy outside the kitchen window making my poor cat crazy.  Little patches of green are poking through the muddy snow, making my eyes hunt for those bits of neon.

Perhaps it's why my paints exploded in color this spring~ I am so hungry for nature to come alive.    

March is always a month of messiness.  

A year ago (now two),  I launched a brand new workshop called "The Art of Wild Abandonment".
It literally made a mess of my schedule for the entire year~ new creative ideas, collective projects, new friendships, wild new sketches, and so much goodness.  I suppose this workshop is a spring celebration of that art-sprouting-wonderfulness.

Or simply a celebration of God's goodness and love.
Messiness in life and art is to be expected ~ birthing and growing is full of colorful chaos.  Yes and amen?  

Would you like to join me for a new adventure this Spring?  Perhaps you are sprouting too?


Now, newly released for this Spring 2014

This is a 12 project, art-at-your-own-pace, online workshop (It was a live workshop last Spring).
  If you missed the fun last year or are wanting to get started with some fresh Spring inspiration, 
this is a wild and colorful bundle of creative goodness.

These are some of my most favorite projects for spring... 

With so many adorable projects in all types of mixed media 
we will fill our sketchbooks, art journals, canvases, and spring studios 
with the season's most precious gifts:

spring meadows
little lambs
a wild mess of chicks
windows of Grace
baby moos
potting tables
springtime watercolors
pretty piglets
and more... 

Once purchased, this Art of Spring workshop is yours for two full years.  
I will send you the link/passwords and you are welcome to get started today!  

The Art of Spring



***PLEASE NOTE: This is the same Art of Spring Class that I taught last year, 
I have updated the format on my website and you are welcome to the material for 
two full years -- no stress.  I will send you your link & password within 24 hours.  

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