Thursday, September 21, 2017

Heartwarming *Open House* Online Workshop

Open House Week

a special share our excitement of autumn's gifts

   There is still time to join our Online Heartwarming Workshop.
Open all year and packed with inspiration, loads of projects, and messy fun.  

 * * *

May I live this day...

Compassionate of heart
Clear in word
Gracious in awareness
Courageous in thought
Generous in love

- John O'Donohue

A bit of heartwarming goodness for you and me

Yes!  I am so thrilled that we can meet up for a moment this week.  I have been thinking of you each day as the projects come together.  I have great hopes that you are happy and that you are well.  I miss you and can't wait to catch up!  xoxo

It is such a gift to have you come over for a bit of early fun.  I hope you are still in your pajamas and I hope you are hungry, I have a kitchen full of warm fall pumpkins -- you will soon see!   (video sketch treats)
Open House weekends are always a swirling mess of art to finish, friends to chat with, and so much good food.  I hope it is the same for you. I would love to peek in your sketches and see your lovely work. I do hope you will join in and share when you can?  

Heartwarming.  Yes, I love this word -- and I love all it does to my creative spirit. It is a delightful and thoughtful word to pull apart, wrap around, and let fall softly on our hearts.
Perhaps you remember those times when you are so caught up in the moment, laughing with that big goofy smile?  (Yep, I am thinking of you-tube baby porcupine videos or the photo of Pinky lamb above)  You can't help but love the moment. Those undeniably happy-laugh sounds that just spill from your chest. Ha! 

We love silly moments of joy.  We are made for happy hearts.  We can't help but fall for the love-bomb cuteness. We delight in all that lights up our spirits. 

Yes, that is heartwarming.

Obviously a baby lamb photographer is in a constant state of giggles and smiles...I saved some good ones for our class.  I just wish I had a little porcupine!

Heartwarming is an encouraging word, a friend's tight hug, a well-wished letter of hope (and glitter), a mother's reassuring phone call, a child's impulsive smile, a prayer that is answered in hope and peace.

And this as well...the everyday and every-bit beautiful fall season. 

To watch nature as it unfurls its never ending glories...
magnificent and yes, heartwarming. 

For some early sketching fun, I invite you into this video.  It was so hard to pick just one project, but this was easy and silly (two of my favorite things).  I hope you fill up the page with lighthearted sketches!

*Video helps* A pink hue in the video is from the evening thunderstorm outside.  
Just think of it as our rose colored glasses!  
You can also make the video full screen clicking the square icon 
on the bottom right of the video screen.

Not only do we have sketches to fill sketchbooks, art to fill your hands and heart, brand new inspirations for the season, but we also have the added fun of my delightful sister's culinary arts.  Rhetta is joining us for a weekly delicious idea -- my favorites kinds, too.  She is amazing!

I can hardly wait to see what she has planned for us...

So, please grab a plate, my sister will be whisking up up a big batch of delicious in the kitchen, just follow the happy laughter! 

And let's look at the ideas for class that are shaping up:

beautiful barn collections
pumpkin potagers
fall berries with crisps & creams 
sweets & simples

a few first week projects...early fall harvests
a warm heart
autumn gatherings
a bloom & a bee

farm to table art
"be a blessing" table art
a garden in every pot

Autumn stories, quotes, prayers, 
and *new*coloring pages, too. 

It will be a mix of creative arts.  You can choose just one or do like me and try your hand at something new.  We have watercolor, block or canvas art, pencil, pen & ink, and art journaling on book paper.  I will have a little video for each technique in the classroom. You will have help all along the way, I promise. 

 * * *

We will have an online sharing community, one of the favorite parts of class for some artists!  A facebook group page that will provide you with a safe and easy way to share your work, creative thoughts, questions and encouraging words.  

It is also a great place to find a mix of new friends.  Please join us if you feel comfortable doing so!  

Heartwarming Online Workshop

We will have three FULL weeks of inspiring and spirited art

& a delicious mix of fresh organic treats.

A workshop full of projects to keep your fingers, tummies, and  hearts full of creative fun~ 

with lifetime access to all class materials!

Class begins October 1 

& will be instantly available online after October 1st

Each week's projects will be immediately available on Sunday.
You will have access from any computer, tablet, or phone with your passwords.  
So simple!


$42 - an amazing price for all the content!


You will receive an email confirmation and welcome letter within 48 hours of signing up *Make sure to give me your preferred email address when you complete your payment.  

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