Sunday, February 9, 2014

saturday mornings - a new class offering

Gifts of winter. 

All around me is a blanket of lovely new snow and quiet.  Everything is so quiet.  The crunching of my shoes on my walk is almost too loud for my ears.  The birds songs seem muted and the other creatures that visit me are like images that playfully enter the winter scene and then quickly run away:  deer and mice, barn cats, and farm dogs.  The sound of children playing at the snowy school playground is a daily fix right now.  Playful laughing as they chase home from school, sliding on sheets of ice and throwing snowballs.  If not for self discipline and the silly noise in the could sleep and read away entire winter days.  Hibernation is a quiet bliss~ 

This is the time for growing inside gardens.  Some of us will be pouring over seed catalogues this week, making big plans for spring peas.  Others will be mapping out the time to plant their tomato seeds in the sunlit kitchen windows.  Many will buy lovely winter/spring bulbs to grow on windowsills.  We just long for respite from winter's white and grey.  

I do.  

This late winter + early spring I am seeding and planting like crazy. Not so much the dirt and tomatoes as wild new projects, much loved offerings, and some of my saved-up-favorite workshops!

Can I share a much loved offering with you?  

For a mix of six weekends this spring, I will be hosting an online Saturday morning class:

a *brand new collection* of my favorite block art. Yes! 

With so many former students asking me for more...more...more... (these little canvases of wood are so crazily addictive!) I couldn't say no. These little mixed media blocks are the perfect size for blessing and gifting your weekends with new sketchy ideas, new springtime colors, and a wild mix of fresh art. Each will be uniquely different and will come with many creative ideas to make it your very own.

All new sketches & art include:

wild winter owls 
luscious blooms  
downton abbey romance   
woodpeckers, chickadees & nestlings 
{one} words ideas
artist amour
family photo treasures
friendship blocks
"He loves me" notes
& Easter adorables

Every class I offer is filled with wild new inspirations and so many sketches. Every *project day* we spend together will be a treat for us both - creating new winter/spring collections of art, bringing quotes and verses into our studios, and being reminded again and are a beautifully unique artist and you are so loved! 

I will be online with you each weekend of class and our online artist communities are some of the most kind, friendly and silly-wonderful friends you could could meet. They are such heart-loving angels!

Some block art from past workshops & Stampington's "Workshop" magazine

Join me for my favorite...
(just hop on "Open House" above to get there!)

The Open House will have all my fresh new class offerings, a welcome message, 
helpful hints/tips, and of course...delicious sweets.  Oh, sweets...yum.

Saturday Morning : My Favorite Blocks Collection 


Online Class is available instantly - as soon as you sign up!


If you need help getting wood blocks, it is simple. Take the list of measurements I will give you to your local hardware store and have them cut the blocks for you.  Kind husbands, brothers, neighbors and friends with a saw are also especially helpful - if you don't have a saw yourself.  If you would like another option...use canvases or your art journal, paint on a wooden box or piece of MDF board. 
These projects are not limited to the materials we paint creative!  

((A big warm hug))
I have been so moved by your shared love during this time of great change in my life. You really have helped me so much.  Thank you for reaching out, thank you for hearing my neediness and holding me and my mother (and our family) in prayer.  Having anyone close leave (to heaven) is so difficult, but having it be one of my heroes, my Dad, made it so much harder.  My family is doing as well as we can. Because of the way my father loved us, and his wonderfully silly and optimistic way of living this life...our hearts will always be tender but we will mend.   
If God thinks we can do this hard thing, we will do our best to trust Him.    
It makes a difference when you have a family full of abounding love, for all of our differences, we do know how to come together and love BIG. 
I love you...
in grace & peace,

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