Thursday, August 24, 2017

I have missed you!

Hello dear friends!
I have missed you so much!!!

I know it has been a long time.  I have missed my time online with you!  I really, really have!     

You, my sweet family of artists -- that I love so much -- have been such an ongoing blessing to my heart. Your compassionate words, timely letters, encouraging art, and heart-hugging prayers have touched me and my family.  Watching your creativity flourish has been my weekly inspiration.  Even if I wasn't able to participate online this past year...I could see and cheer in all of the amazing things you have done!

Our artist friends are such treasures!  We know just what we need, don't we?

 ...a playful sketch, a bit of paint on a fresh page, and a sip of of ginger tea? 
afternoon espressos? or fresh Italian bellinis?

And a bit of quiet time to take care of precious family, too.

To make a difference in someone's life you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. 
You just have to care.    - unknown.

My life this year has gifted me with a new expansive & much softer heart.    

My year-long sabbatical of caregiving -- a long and precious story I hope to be able share someday --  started with individual family challenges that compounded and became overwhelming.   Because of the cherished nature of my relationships, I wasn't able to share my reasons for having to step away from my art workshops and online projects.  I actually thought, more than a dozen times, that I would be able to jump back into teaching quickly and be able to do more than my daily work.  Nope.  There are no easy fixes for some things.  Through it all, we have worked hard as family (and support peeps!) and without realizing it, we are slowly mastering that amazing art of resilience.

On the quiet days at home, I found so much joy and overwhelming peace in my art studio (at home and at the farm).  I know you have experienced these moments, too.  When things seem to slow down and we find ourselves happily creating out of our own hearts. Yes, it is so good.  I think it has been instrumental in my own self care to remember those moments.  I hope to share some of my experiences with you as I resurface in my workshops and teaching.  Yes!

 The things that make me different are the things that make me.
― A.A. Milne

I am finally ready to step out again in my own signature way -- Messy, with arms full of lambs, piles of sketches with wet paints, and a heart that is smiling from cheek to cheek!

*  *  *

Calendars and sketchbooks are filling up again and I want you to be the first to know,
I have a bit of news to share about my limited schedule this coming year.

My hopes are high that we can meet up for one or more of these great new offerings:

Orvieto, Province of Terni, Italy - Pilgrimages

Please, don't miss your place in this unbelievable experience of faith, art, and adventuring with me! 

I was thrilled to be able to lead an art workshop in this amazing place last year and couldn't be more blessed to be headed back in the Spring (May 2018).  Small groups & big fun!!!

In all of my travels, this is one of those places that takes you right back in time.  It is a real life fairytale!  It just puts its arms right around you (it is small enough to make you feel right at home) and captivate your heart forever.  I am in love.  The only thing that could make it even better -- is for both of us to be there!  Me and you!

We will be staying in a monastery right in the middle of the city, filled with unbelievable art, views that will take your breath away and we will have our very own art studio.  Also, an espresso bar, restaurants, cobblestone paths to views, and beautiful chapels within the block.  The daily activities, amazing meals, local wines, espresso dates (with me), and artisan gelatos will make you swoon. 

(MORE pics and favorites in Orvieto to share with you this weekend.)

Michelle is organizing our week and I am already captivated with her vision and excitement.  If you have Q's you can reach her here:

 My cousin Mimi in the vineyards just down the hill from our Orvieto monastery.   Amazing!

*** Orvieto is between my favorite Italian cities of Rome and Florence.  If you want to extend your trip, come with me!  When you sign up, I will contact you about my plans and we can meet up!  Easy peasy. 

*  *  *

Plans for upcoming Online Workshops are in the works!  I have had loads of requests for new Online projects and I promise, I am almost ready!   With all of this studio time, I have come up with so many new ideas and I am actively working on brand new content to share.  Information for online projects will be released September 2.  I am so thrilled!!!

Donna Downey's.  If you have made plans to come to North Carolina in October...I will see you with all new projects for fall. We always have sooo much fun at the annual Downey Fall Workshops.
I can hardly wait to see you!!!  There may be one spot it meant for you?  

So much love from me and my lamb loving heart! 
I am so grateful for the strengthening words, prayers, and hugs.  See you soon!

love & gesso, 


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