Friday, March 24, 2023

Upgrading to 10 GBS (giggle bits per second)


Seriously though, this new project is about bringing everything I love together in one functional space.  Existing online workshops have been fixed and already updated/retooled to work in a new platform that will offer simplicity and reliability... with new workshops already in the mix.

The summersaults of ideas just keep coming...and this snowy season has been the best for these kinds of projects.  

The mornings start with sunny rays of light peeking through wintery skies, all with the delicious promise of what is arriving. We still have loads of snow...but the blossoms and the littlest lambs will be here soon - and my sketchbooks and piles of paintings are overflowing with all kinds of newfound color, sketches, and lighthearted favorites.

But even more exciting this Spring is this tech-savvy creative space coming together...

We have been building a new online space.  A website of all-kinds-of-goodies.  One that combines playful art spaces with the functionality I hoped for and needed. Yes!

And now, sitting here in the middle of it all - chaos + newness - I love it.

Sneak peeks are coming soon...

I can hardly wait to share!  


Friday, November 16, 2018

Wild & Sweet Workshop | open house week

Holiday Open House Week

a bitty look at our brand new holiday workshop

Join today, instantly available!
Online Holiday Workshop...Wild & Sweet

It is yours to keep. Open all year long and packed with inspiration!  
So many silly sketches and simple ways to paint your holidays!

*     *     *

 I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old familiar carols play
And Wild and Sweet the words repeat
Of peace on earth goodwill to men...

Welcome to our (online) Holiday Open House

I love spending the holidays with you! 

We have a house full today, leave your coat at the door, you will want to come inside and see who is here.  If you are like me, you may want to stay on in the kitchen, the good stuff is happening in there.    
I am baking some of my sisters cookies, it smells like heaven's bakery! I have also set up a full bar: cocoas, coffees, and teas. You are also welcome to the mulled wine (a Swedish recipe and a keeper - details to come!)

The snow is softly falling, the lights are twinkling, the music is playing our favorite holiday songs.   

I hope you will sit with me. Tell me all about your year, your holiday plans, your family, your sweet heart...I hoped we would have time to catch up!  (please do share in our new facebook group or email, I would love to hear from you!)

*     *     *

My sister and I have teamed up again this winter for a culinary and artistic mix of holiday pairings.

Yes, delicious food and playful art...what could be more fun?  

Everyone loves deliciousness.  We crave our holiday favorites and my sister, Rhetta, has a new take on savories and sweets you will love.  Crisps & cookies all ready for your kitchen studio -- and super giftable too!

Do you remember her holiday biscotti from our last holiday workshop?  My annual favorite!

gift idea:  a gorgeous watercolor, wine & cheese

gift idea: a lovely hand-painted Italian wreath & cutting board

 *     *     *

Open House Watercolor Video:

I also have a little project for you.  We usually get our sketching starting in our open house...I decided to do something a bit colorful and whimsical on watercolor paper.  I hope you enjoy and try it yourself!

Open House video & wreaths

helpful tips: 

Change up the colors to fit your palette for the season -- fall, holiday, winter
Use them for place settings, a note to a friend, as a teacher gift (with a box of treats), neighbor gifts.
Use any watercolor paper and adhere your little wreath to a card (double sided tape).
Paint a larger version and frame it for a friend or your own home and heart.

My card is from Paper Source, the link HERE.

The holiday weeks are busy and I know how overwhelmed I can get.  I am making a promise to myself to slow down each night with a little project of my own, something to calm and nurture my own heart.  It isn't a grand plan to fix the hectic blur...but I know it helps me and gifts me with art I love during the holidays.  

I think of it as a precious gift to myself...and to others.  Join me? 

 gift idea:  a whimsical baking watercolor 
and gingerbread cookies

gift idea:  a gorgeous garland bookmark & leather journal

holiday card idea...just wait and see!

Our workshop is made to support your art style.  You will be able to freely access any project and recipe at anytime, with all the supporting videos, notes and sketches.  If you feel better about going along with me, as I build on technique...that is available as well.  Just take each project one at a time.

Along with dozens and dozens of sketching ideas -- to curl up with by the fire (or your favorite BBC show) -- we have:

snow-glittered donuts
fresh cut wreaths & garlands 
holiday inspired cards

favorite farmhouse recipes
savories & sweets
(my sister is joining us a guest chef!)

Christmas tree primer
a merry little tree farm - block art 

saint lucia
candles, ribbons & sparkling bows

sheep in the kitchen
geese in the garlands

...and all of our favorite 
woodland creatures (before their winter naps)

  *     *     *

 Wild & Sweet 
Online Holiday Workshop


simple and sweet -- and FULL of Christmas goodies
An amazing price for so many projects and ideas!

*instantly available*

 I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old familiar carols play
And Wild and Sweet the words repeat
Of peace on earth goodwill to men...

Our workshop is also based on the hauntingly beautiful lyrics of this classic song.  Longfellow was in the midst of heartbreak and hardship when these words spilled out of him...broken and hope filled.  I love the way it touches our bittersweet feelings of the season.  It pulls us right in.   

For those with tender hearts this holiday...

We miss...we ache...we cry.

And, we hope...we love...

and we will find joy 
(it just happens, I promise)

 I think we should embrace the holidays in a warm hug...together.  

What do you think?  

I adore you.  I can't wait to see what you create this season.  

Much love, 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Wild & Sweet - Online Holiday Workshop

It is already that time of year...can you believe it?  

I have missed you, my life has been so busy.  How are you?  Are you loving this sweater weather? 

 Do you want to catch up this holiday season?  I would love to!  

Let's make a date!

I have patiently impatiently been going over my sketches this year, making piles of all my winter favorites to share with you this holiday.  The studio is filled with new stories, colorful creations, and sparkling new watercolors and holiday art.  

Does a few weeks of playful art sound fun? 

If you need something lighthearted, encouraging, and joyful in your life right now...this may be exactly what you are looking for! 

snow-glittered donuts
fresh cut wreaths & garlands
holiday inspired cards

favorite farmhouse recipes 
 savories & sweets
(my sister is joining us as our guest chef)

Christmas tree primer
a merry little tree farm - block art

saint lucia
candles, ribbons & sparkling bows

sheep in the kitchen,
geese in the garlands

...and all of our favorite
woodland creatures,

spilling joy wherever they go!

Dozens of sketching ideas to get you started...

Art for beginners and those most experienced!

Dozens of gifting ideas - fresh, beautiful, meaningful, 
(and sometimes very silly).

Delicious holiday savories and sweet treats, too!


Wild & Sweet
Online *Holiday* Workshop


simple and sweet -- and FULL of Christmas goodies
A great price for so many adorable projects!

*instantly available*

Once purchased each workshop is yours to keep...
the doors are open anytime.  

A holiday workshop to bless you with joyful creating...
and inspire your sharing art & heart with those you love! 
((A big warm hug))

Monday, January 15, 2018

Italian Pilgrimage - May 2018

Blessed are those whose strength is in the Lord, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage...
psalm 84:5

I am in love.  Completely smitten.  

Traveling through Italy last year, Orvieto held my heart and didn’t let go.  
I still feel it's pull on my heart.  Even now it is a common dream wake from, 
walking along these cobblestones, a heart that is alight with creativity and joy.  
It is like walking into a Italian fairytale.

I have been honored this year to travel again...and to offer this trip to you!  
A shared blessing~ me and you in Italy!

Just imagine the palette of colors, the softness, the golden filtered light 
that the sun gifts this place.  

The beauty is so unique, you must experience it yourself.

We will learn helpful phrases and delicious meanings:


Che figata!  

and oh, so...bellissimo!
(I didn't know any Italian before my first trip - I will help you - and you can help me!)

Italian Pilgrimage  |  May 13-19 2018  |  Orvieto Italy

Orvieto, Italy

Orvieto is one of the most striking, memorable, and enjoyable hill towns in central Italy. 
Less than 90 minutes from Rome, Orvieto sits majestically high above the valley floor 
atop a big chunk of tufo volcanic stone, overlooking cypress-dotted Umbrian plains. 
A visit here will reward you with a delightful, perfectly preserved, and virtually traffic-free 
world highlighted by a colorful-inside-and-out cathedral and some of Italy's best wine.    
 - Rick Steves

With a short train ride from Rome, Florence, or a bit longer from is a quiet town
 in the middle of the most wonderful hilly countryside.  Travel details are simple to follow, 
Michelle will be our planner, organizer, and helper.  She will help you all along the way in
 making your trip amazing!  I will be traveling after to Florence or Rome (still in the works)
 if you want to join me.  I also will have all the details for my travel if you want to meet up 

You are welcome to email me for details.  I would love to help you!   
Junelle's email:

Michelle Logue email:
Adventures in Italy website:  Adventures in Italy

Because you are traveling with me...

We not only will appreciate all the history and architecture, the amazing vineyards,
 and delicious offerings. We will also find and create art in everywhere we go, 
make friends with everyone we meet (including four-legged), and experience this
 treasured time with all of our hearts.   

You will love it all...

I am inviting you to find your pilgrim feet in this artist’s sanctuary.  
You are going to be met by divine moments as you share this space – a sweet convent 
in Orvieto – with your small circle of friends, all while working and playing in your
 very own Italian studio.  Think of a beautiful fairytale, some of your best artist friends,
 at a favorite Italian café, with paints and wine in hand!  

Inspirations to fill your art journals all year long...

silly + sweet art mediums to try...

I am bringing together the best of my creative plans this spring to inspire your 
sketching, photography, watercolor, and words.  I am opening the doors to any
creative artistic medium.  I will share all kinds of techniques and fun projects 
along the way in a variety of arts.  Beginners are (my favorite) always welcome 
and artists of any medium are adored, encouraged and supported!  

A few of the things we can explore together...

Pen and ink
Illustrative coloring
Art journaling

Let Orvieto lead your artistic heart — all of your art will be collected and created in her
 town squares, cafés, and sanctuaries.  Your art and heart will thrive in our week together,
 you will be amazed at the art you create!

Much love and kisses on both cheeks!


Italian Pilgrimage  |  May 13-19 2018  |  Orvieto Italy

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