Tuesday, December 13, 2011

holiday sketches

Holiday sketches ~ your sweet ideas! 

I spent a couple of evenings reading over your delicious ideas and then quietly sketching in my pajamas.  Quickly drawing all the images that spoke to me.  Simple lines, simple lines, simple lines.  By now you know I am not a complicated artist -- I am always going to keep things simple.  

Seriously -- who shows you the inside of her sketch book?  Am I so crazy?!

(I will have a list of girls to *gift to* on Wednesday...I am still working on all of your inspirations!!!)

The ideas you shared ran one into another, like a sketchy melody, and the holiday mood took over my heart completely.

I was still happily humming to myself every night at 11pm ~

I think it is beautiful to see what comes from a simple sketch.

Can I show you my first attempt?   I wanted to draw my version of a little-fuzzy-baby cardinal (thank you Kate!)  I remember seeing one once that wasn't completely red yet, still fluffy with golden down.

I  liked my idea enough to sketch it onto its own paper (I used 90lb. watercolor paper), it is heavy enough to handle any paint I decided to use.

I always have a mini debate about paint.  Should I use acrylic?  It is easy to change and layer.  Should I go with watercolor?  Quick decisions, brilliant color, always a surprise waiting.   Should I use both?  Perhaps ink would look better?

(I have decided to include all of these painting techniques/ideas/experiments in my art journal workshop this winter! So messy fun!)

But, for these holiday sketches...I chose simple watercolors.

Watercolors can be a brilliant friend.  You just need to speak their language.  It is so fun to quickly add layers of color, see something come to life, and they have such a lovely light feel don't they?

Do you like to use them, too?  

*     *     *     *     *

I think it is time to bring up a really great observation.  I hope you don't mind, but I analyzed your comments from this weekend and it was exactly what I expected.  So many of the suggestions that you shared were beautiful visions floating around in *your hearts and heads*.

Sweet memories.  Holiday muses.  Little artsy goodies that are making your heart sing.  

As much as you were inspiring me...the words out of your mouth were things inspiring YOU!!!
You already know this don't  you ~ 

This is one of the most important touchstones in art journaling ~ it is connecting authentically with your heart.  It is your art from your heart!  

*     *     *     *     *

Come see the finished sketch in the morning and see what is coming next~

Love to you this cold winter night, 

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