Wednesday, December 14, 2011

bird blessings

Bless our blessings.

The morning here is wintry white.  Fog has settled here in the valley and the light in my windows is so softly filtered.  I am remembering how good it feels to be home.  Kitchen warm and toasty, stocking feet, hair pulled up.  Not every day is this quietly mine -- but today I have it to myself~

Thank you LORD for your loving me
and reminding me of my new heart 
You are my portion and my song.

Yes, today I will bless my blessings...

Sweet Kate's baby cardinal is finished and I added my little thoughts to the page.  I usually know what I want to say sometime during the painting.  This little one spoke to me of my grace-filled life (not easy or uncomplicated - but definitely grace filled) and how tenderly I am cared for.

We are all so loved.

A place to land.
Something to satisfy hunger.
A way to bless others.
A blessed life to live.
Sparkling grace falling down upon our heads every morning.

Thank you Kate for your inspiration ~ your Mother's touch on your life has enriched and blessed mine today!  xo
*     *     *     *     *

I think it best to stay with our sweet feathered friends today, don't you?

I showed this sketch to my DH last night and he lifted up that one eyebrow.  
That was all I needed.  

I just finished the tree this morning.
The goose is obviously smitten with sheep, isn't she?  My kind of goose.  

I hope that these simple line sketches will inspire you today.  If nothing else, to keep your heart open to what it is you really are feeling this holiday.  It's okay to sketch out our feelings, our memories, our gratitude.  It grounds us to the present (which is a great gift to ourselves and others).  It frees us inside when we let our art-hearts sing.  It brings us a quiet peace.

I will be back soon with some deliciously good latte & more sketches~

Happiest of hugs to you~
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