Saturday, December 10, 2011

homes for the holidays


As I shared this past week, here, and in Christy's Ornaments class -- I am quite taken with houses and homes this year.  I have decided that the best way to work on my little homespun project is to do it right here, with you, in my sunny warm kitchen, with our messy pencils & paints.  

I don't expect you to sketch and paint houses like me, but I do hope you will sketch with me~

Can I share with you my simple process for deciding what to work on?
Perhaps it will help you?

 My creative process is just this simple:  My fingers see what my heart is saying.  It looks funny in writing, but sounds so true to my inner artist!  I see and desire to sketch -- something.  I use a simple pencil and make thumbnail sketches on notebook paper.  Over time they begin to form shapes.  I get (overly) excited about seeing it in color and texture, and I make a huge mess turning the simple sketches into -- art.

Then, just as I step out in this creative process...the ideas/the concepts begin to make more sense (it always does).  And soon, the simple sketches...become beautifully prophetic in my life~ 

They tell a bigger story.

So...this project started with a simple sketch I formed in my daily notes.

It instantly resonated with me and with the holidays, a perfect combination.

I decided to expand it to local homes that I see everyday & love for their adorableness.  Simple shapes, lines, and details.  I took photos one cold morning and printed them small -- just to remember the details & scale of things.  The rest is left to my wild imagination. Oh, yes, I have a wild imagination~ 

I could have chosen homes from my childhood, my family homes, my bird get the idea?  It has so many possibilities~

Look at him -- already cute and waiting for color.

I have a few more (a dozen more) girls getting ready for their winter wear.  These bitty ornaments have been a gift to create.  Simple. Quick. Colorful.  Easy to love and share~  

Would you like one?  

I am looking for holiday sketches to inspire.  I would love to provide you with some starting ideas for holiday sketches you may want to try.  So I have a silly idea:

If you offer an idea that I end up sketching online this week ...I will send one of these adorable girls to your mail. (Of course finished & ready to hang). Just leave me a holiday sketch inspiration you have in the comments below.  It will be fun!

Anything winter/holiday/home will do!!!

love & loads of sparkling snow 
to you this weekend! 

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