Friday, March 19, 2010

March (the middles)

It isn't even spring yet, and the schedules are already speeding up.  With so much happening so quickly (sports, end of term papers, spring classes, pta to do's), the things I  love to do most are often the ones I have to set aside.  It is really sad.  It seems as though I get into a pattern of getting a lot of things done and then there is a "pile on" of life-stuff and the scheduling has to start all over again. Do you know what I mean?

((These sentiments really go well with the blender pic don't they?))    

Oh, well.  I am forward focusing today, and right now it is on healthy ideas ~ physically and mentally and spiritually.  I have included a few I am working on here:

1.  Sleep earlier (turn off the  light), daily walk with DH or the boys, and eat fresh (I have had enough root crops to last me a long time).  Spring cleaning from the inside out, right?


2.  MUCH GOOD.  I know the word typically used is gratitude, but this year I have re-named it.  Its new name will help me recognize what it is that drives life forward.  It is = MUCH GOOD.

I am overwhelmed by the simple and sweet of so much good.  Even in the hardest things ~ like DH's major health issues this winter~ I experienced the goodness of God in His mercy and concern for the simplest things.   
*Breaking up difficult things into sizable challenges * putting the best Dr.s into place when we needed it * healing brokeness in deep places * quietly infusing peace * holding frightened hands * letting words comfort * pouring out sunshine on a cold winter days * 
These are moments of spirit lifting.  This is the good that multipies and gives off energy and light...MUCH GOOD (much God) is yum.

3. Fully engaged in life.  Look at this mess...I do get spread out.  A glance at what is calendared for these next three months lets me know that I am in great need of a "momcation" soon.  I am overbooked (but so happy about it right now).  I do love classes, deadlines, preparation for creative endeavors...I do.  It keeps me on my toes. But, I seem to load up on several at the same time ~ oops. 


4. Being thrilled about new ways to share words + photos.  I have loved getting more pictures printed from my digital files and finding ways to include them in my home and life.  Just this week I am printing piles of pictures for these projects:
Early stages of inspiration boards. Some I like and some I love.
I am loving burlap, it is my favorite look for spring. I am printing up b/w pics to hang down the doors, mixed with ephemera from the garden - twigs mostly?

I have recently been uploading pics to a new photo-frame in my dining room (a Library of Memories encouragement).  It is a great way to get pictures out where they can be seen.  The little boys spent hours watching themselves on the screen.  I would love to have one for the side of Joshe's bed.  It really is fun.   


5.  Posting.  The early stages of a spring post.  I wrote in the corner, "How do I blog this?"  I love this new medium of online journal keeping (blogging), but it is forcing me to re-think and re-tool my creative processes.  It is push me in a funky new way?  I am diligent about writing in my notebook, it is a safe place for me to scribble out all my thoughts-plans-actions, just making it from a written page to online is my disconnect.  Any suggestions?

6.  And the cat.  Poor cat. We got a new washer and dryer and the cat is traumatized.  Not that it is louder - our last washer sounded like we were killing cats.  No, after close inspection (down on my knees counseling the poor sweet kitty), I could see it from her vantage point.  It is just the look of the machine.  See what you think?

Does it look like a giant owl to you, too?  Poor cat.  

All my March love to you wherever you are today!
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