Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Still life

You would think that my multiple posts on perspective, I could use it for *my word* this year.  I am a big fan of getting into a topic and digging in.  Photography has always had its hold on me for this reason.  I love my camera.  I love that I can fixate on a subject until I have worn myself out with it.  We (my camera and I) always find something to keep us busy, I can wear my Canon like other women wear a scarf.   

With my boisterous shooting, I can drive my little boys crazy with a camera in their faces, and DH thinks I can't ever get a good pic of him (whatever), so I will fixated on the inanimate. The still life.  
Balance and light.  Enamored with how simple everyday objects can take on a new life with the camera lens and light, I will find anything I can to shoot. I love the light in the kitchen right now~ it is a harsh, bright, white light that streams in my south facing windows.  Not happy light for sweet childrens' faces, but very cool for cereal and kitchen implements.  Within a few weeks, the light will warm up and give a bit of spring/summer glow. It is a challenging experiment with always changing values.  

Do you have a favorite room for picture taking?  Is there a place in or around your home that always makes people look good in your snapshots?  

Focused detail.  I am a lover of curves, shadows, and lovely lines.  I adore this bit of green ~ to me it even has a aromatic smell just looking at it.  
Shades and shadows of white.  Outside my kitchen window after a big snow storm.  The monocromatic colors are a part of our winters here, and thankfully they are beautiful.  I love the blue hues of the deep cold snow.  
Another icy cold picture.  A sculpture made of ice that Mitz & I visited.  A castle in the snow. It is hard to believe that someone could create something so wild and other-worldly out of water.  I was thrilled that the pictures I took turned out at all.  I couldn't see what my camera was getting with the bright sunlight burning my retinas.
A happy day to you as you look at your home, your everyday, and your winter adventures in a new way!  

Love in pics,
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