Monday, June 3, 2013

wild art summer...oh, yes...

It is finally time...

Summer Summer...  

Can I tell you how excited I am for this new season? Along with a more relaxed bedtime and being able to run barefoot in the tall grass, it is time for a new art adventure!  Yes~

...a quick peek at the first week of class...

All with Christy's sweet blessing of encouragement...I love her!!!  xo

I am finally able to announce (and seriously jump with joy) over this new addition to our Wild Art collection.  
A brand new, sweet and summery, wild art class I am calling...Wildflowers

It is looking to be a great mix of all things summer: colorful, wildly-sweet, and full of surprising inspirations and meaningful memories.  Our projects include art journaling, canvas art, watercolors (in all kinds of mixed-up ways), block art, a bit of photography, hand-lettering, and a summer-wonderful stitching project and MORE!

Sound wild enough for your summer?

Our summer classroom will be a little different than before, it's summer!  First, our live-class time will be spread over six weeks. There will be the same amount of content as our last workshops, but our projects will be spread out a bit more.  Helpful if you have a vacation or have plenty of time to jump in whenever you can.

Secondly, our classroom will also be in a different format than I have taught in before, a fun and playful *summer studio* feel -- a site allowing more space for things that come up spontaneously -- wild inspirations happen to me all the time, you too?

Each week is built around a favorite summer love. There are multiple sketching inspirations (seriously,too many ideas), weekly video projects & new challenges, loads of extra content including a special wildflower study, a baby bird, forget me nots, summer salads, and some of my favorite poetry and prayers.

If you haven't taken a class like this before, this is the perfect time to jump in.  Every project is created with you in mind, and with so many inspirational ideas to choose from you will be excited to see your own art style grow.  I believe in you!  There is also a shared (friend, parent, grandparent) project and multiple projects you can do with your children, grandchildren, too!

I love shared projects~

It is also important for me to tell you about the gift of a creative community.

I have experienced this past year the value of  a healthy group of artists on their individual and collective paths, it is a vulnerable and special place to come together. Our Wild Art group is one of the most treasured art communities I have ever participated in, very selfless, helpful and full of encouragement, a perfect mix of goodness and grace.  You are welcome here.  Community sharing is always available to class members as a private group online and with me by email, too.

Part of the uniqueness of these courses is also the teacher involvement.  I am here for you!  Springtime is always busy with sheep and family, but summertime is meant for sharing art.  I will be available in our online facebook community, by email, and in our online classroom throughout our classroom time.

You are my favorite part of art! 

Because the excitement is contagious...I am quickly preparing to throw open the doors for an early studio-tour!  Would you like to join me for a sneak peek?

Yes~ I hope you will jump in and join me...we have so much to summery goodness to share!

We will have a full six weeks of my most favorite projects (should have been eight!), sketchbooks FULL of inspirations, loads of wild bonus materials and silly little me!  That's weeks of amazing projects to keep your fingers and heart full of creative fun~ 

And, it is all available right now and for you to keep! 

You will receive an email welcome letter within 24 hours of signing up.  Please make sure to give me your preferred email address when you complete your payment.  ***I need to have your preferred email address***  



You will have full access to our classroom 24/7 and our private online community, too.   

Please join us,  I can't wait to see you!  


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