Saturday, March 20, 2010

riding the ride

(A digi-project of CZ's and it only took me a few minutes this time.  I am learning!  Cathy Zielske has the best online tutorials for digi work and is so funny ~ good attributes to have when you teach complex computer concepts? I typically learn more from an entertaining teacher?)

I am thrilled to have more confidence in my digital life.  Sounds so goofy to say, but it is true.  It is really a hardship to live and create art in this life (right now) and not have any idea how to re-size photos for high resolution or use the basic menu options in photoshop elements.  There are so many tools you need in the digi tool shed? I get overwhelmed.

Are you anything like me? You read blog or magazine ideas or listen to friends and nod your head in agreement with their wildly brilliant ideas and then go home and say, "What? How did they do that???"

I will tell you what I have learned: The learning curve gets steeper the longer you wait to get on the ride.  It doesn't seem to be slowing down, or getting easier. is the time ladies.
Get out the books and start reading. Sign up for an online class or look for some freebies from great instructors like CZ.  I love this pic (above) it is from my friend and I freaking out during our first week of Photography class.  We had to keep looking up the little button icons and re-reading chapters on depth-of-field ~ a great big headache, but very laughable now.

There are intense moments of frustration and headaches from riding this ride (and learning curves are wicked on a weak stomach). Make sure you are prepared for some brief moments of insanity, too. It's normal. 

But then you have the moments when all that is good comes together.  Like some of these pics...
 A new friend...a raccoon.  I am leaving my camera by the kitchen sink at night to catch a glimpse of him again (how do you bait a wild raccoon for a picure?) I am hopeful that I can woo him for a close up?  What should I do about my shutter speed with no light???   ($^%*^#! ~ Get the book out!)

 Another couple of pics from the ice castles in Heber, Utah.  The light was so bright we couldn't begin to figure out the exposure, couldn't even see the camera display.  I love smart cameras that take over when the photographer gives up? 

Or these lovelies to always from Pete.   I love my camera lenses, I do.

And this.  I was hoping for a picture of my littlest boy on his birthday, a real personality pic.  I think I got it.

Happy thoughts and "You can do it!" for your learning curve rides this week,
make sure you put on a seatbelt!
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