Friday, March 24, 2023

Upgrading to 10 GBS (giggle bits per second)


Seriously though, this new project is about bringing everything I love together in one functional space.  Existing online workshops have been fixed and already updated/retooled to work in a new platform that will offer simplicity and reliability... with new workshops already in the mix.

The summersaults of ideas just keep coming...and this snowy season has been the best for these kinds of projects.  

The mornings start with sunny rays of light peeking through wintery skies, all with the delicious promise of what is arriving. We still have loads of snow...but the blossoms and the littlest lambs will be here soon - and my sketchbooks and piles of paintings are overflowing with all kinds of newfound color, sketches, and lighthearted favorites.

But even more exciting this Spring is this tech-savvy creative space coming together...

We have been building a new online space.  A website of all-kinds-of-goodies.  One that combines playful art spaces with the functionality I hoped for and needed. Yes!

And now, sitting here in the middle of it all - chaos + newness - I love it.

Sneak peeks are coming soon...

I can hardly wait to share!  


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