Monday, November 23, 2009

Everyone really is an artist...

I was lucky enough to have the family for Thanksgiving last year.

Because I was eager to provide a creative outlet for everyone, I rooted around for a great idea. This was the winner.

We pulled out the paints while we were together and got into a really messy/fun/wild project.  The idea came from this creative girl, and it looked very age appropriate (every age, right?!) and I jumped on its easy set up and free-form-fun.   

To be truthful, not everyone was as excited about participating, not everyone jumped gleefully into the messy fray, and not everyone survived the activity without tears ~ but ultimately everyone tried it, got messy, laughed, made fun memories, and the creations are fab!

I am sharing the delightful snapshots of our silliness - funky self-portraits that capture a really special day.

The supplies are just simple 8x10 paint boards.  I made sure everyone had a hand mirror and a pencil.  No art critics are allowed here, so we sketch, erase, sketch, erase...until it looked right. 

We all mixed acrylic colors and just lathered on the paint.  Acrylics are water based - super easy to clean up and cheap if your 10 year-olds get picaso on you.  No need to buy more than the simple colors (except that peachy skin color).  Pull out a  hand full of mixed paint brushes (everyone has a special need for a certain brush, right?) and  baby wipes for the fingers…Easy Easy!

 Grandma was a huge help and the kids all got really into it quickly. I think the littlest boys had the most fun, they were so free to create - no inner critic, no one telling them that their nose looked too large (Oh, the freedom of a young artist!).
D. had to leave the table to work out his sketch in the other room :o)
 Serious about color choices at this age. Debating over the right color of red? of blue?
Serious moments.

Even Dad got wild with paint.  Great job big guy!

Love to you this holiday week,
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