Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Joshe & "Is this umami?"

So the night was set, I had the t.v. controller and the show --- The Next Iron Chef.

To tell you the real truth I didn't care a bit about cooking shows until I was forced to sit and watch several episodes at my bro-in-law's and now I am hooked. Something about the high drama, sweat, tears, multi-entree-tasking that is so engaging. I am not even a foodie, but the "that is good umami" (the newest flavor - deliciousness) was totally captivating, right?

Anyhoo, I realized that Josh was up to something too and caught this...

He was busily making Iron Chef Salad.

Working on the peppers?
 Planning, drawing, cutting, and mixing it all together.  This is so much easier than the other salads he comes up with and serves for dinner (they usually include random bits of things and always a cut up banana, easy to cut with a plastic knife?).  This is much more entertaining than the television.  Thank you Joshe.

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