Sunday, December 20, 2009

If you didn't get a card...

                          (This is the pic and family letter inside our card this year)
           {2009  Our laundry list}

None of us like the cold, and it is too cold (-25 degrees this past week)

Ben’s latest lit: ‘Literary analysis: Emily Dickinson “Water is taught by thirst”’

Pete found his tennis elbow and it is good (He can give his Dad a run for it)

Joseph is growing taller & faster (he thought I said “fatter”, nope,
you are a Jacobsen!)

Joshe still wishes he could live in Star Wars

Darren just finished his last project in our old house (he thinks?!)

Pete and his mother love Sunday night “Iron Chef”

Greenhouses grow mice if you aren’t watching

Pete can drive a car, it is just a matter of if he should?

Our home was in the “Christmas home-show” this year (which means Junelle briefly lost her mind)

The cat can’t make it to the top of the Christmas tree this year, she is too fat

We had a riotous family reunion this year in Washington (& got to play with Glade and Dawn’s little Lucia)

Worked on the Stonehouse for another 7 months ~a labor of love

Hosted another 50+ Christian pilgrims this year, our love and prayers for each one!

Ben and Junelle spent a wild week in NYC (his favorites: eating sushi, midnight cheesecake, and playing Veillette guitars)

Anticipating the joyous occasion of Ben’s graduation this new year
(finally buying him that luggage?)

Pete finds ways to make money out of his locker (says he is selling food), we hope it is legal

Darren moved his practice to new Riverton Hospital, it is a bit closer to home?

Joseph and Joshe are excited about their Mom being PTA Pres., they love to help her, right?

Darren and Junelle are planning their 20th anniversary, that really should be celebrated!

Junelle learned that saying “Yes” to God’s adventures means you need to keep a bag packed and gas in the car (Avila, Spain this year!)

Be glad and rejoice: for the LORD will do great things.”   (Joel  2:21)    

May God’s Grace, Peace, and abundant Love cover you this Christmas holiday and New Year.

As always, we love your letters and cards!  It is a highlight of the holiday, to catch up with you!!!

In the "in" box this week...(coming soon)

 All the traditional, thank yous, neighbor gifts, tags, bit and things...everything is coming together and is so fun!  I will hopefully get all my pics uploaded tonight to share my little practical gifts we put together (DH even jumped in and helped tie the little knots!  Yes!)
...and btw, the is so pretty this year with all the extra effort.  The Christmas home show was a huge success! With all the love, attention and careful help from my bestest friends, everything glowed and smelled good and looked so beautiful gorgeous!  I will post pics the Mitz and I took of the house that night.  I love(d) it!!!
Hope your holiday preps are going more smoothly than mine.  I will run around the blogs this week to see what everyone else is up to!  Love and hugs!

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