Wednesday, August 10, 2011

lambs to sheep

This ride was one we knew we would have to make and we didn't really want to.

Our little bottle-fed lambs have grown up.  They need bigger pastures, friends & cousins, and they need to learn how to be sheep.  Yesterday was that growing up day (ouch).

We loaded sweet Kate & Beatrix up in the farm truck in the morning.  It was perfect weather for farm chores, farmer was happy to help, and the sheep were silly about going for a ride.  The boys, DH, and I followed the truck on our bikes.  

The little boys were part of the entire process and helped make decisions -- preventing grief later.   They really wanted the lambs (sheep) marked so that they could tell them apart from the misfits at the farm.  (Misfits are the sheep that couldn't, wouldn't or shouldn't make the trip up the mountain to summer camp).  The boys chose hot pink chalk, very appropriate, and farmer made sure to chalk them really well.    

The misfits, our sweet grandma sheep and little lost lambs, were quick to welcome Kate & Beatrix to the flock.  Kate however was incredibly shy and stuck to us like a lost child.  Beatrix was fine with whatever we did -- she really just wanted the leftover breakfast grain.  

Sweet Kate being helped with a bit of sweet grain.  

We went back to the farm a few times yesterday to make sure they were adjusting.  They of course came running when they saw us and rubbed against our legs for reassurance.
Growing up is a hard thing to do...

For me too too...

love & lambs (& sheep),
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