Thursday, August 11, 2011

small steps and bitty leaps

In the stillness of painting, my quiet creative love ~ my fingers are speaking my heart's thoughts.  

Prayerfully thinking, hopefully waiting...

Layering the golden yellows, pinks, lavenders.
What new adventures await this new season?

Generously smudging the browns into cracks, outlines, and edges.
Life is created and formed to bring God glory, what glory will come from this simple girl (me)?

Brightening the greens, seeing the new seeds of growth...taking the next steps...
Trusting His divine footfalls to lead out on this beautiful new path, where will I go? 

"A creative life is grounded on many many small steps and very, very few large leaps..."  

                                                                                            -Julia Cameron

I have learned to trust the deeper meanings in my art journaling.  In the most simple ways, I am confronted by my own truths -- in color, form, and message. I believe strongly in a divine path, divine paths that bring us closer to who we really are and then how we are most able to love each other.  Simple and symbolic~

And it is fascinating to see it play out in this way...encouragement in heart-art & finger-paints...

I am prayer-filled for this journey.
I am prayer-full for your journey, too.

It is just small steps and bitty leaps...So, what should we do today?

The God I know loves adventure filled lives~
I am ready, are you?

In His grace & goodness,

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