Sunday, April 10, 2011

Balearic Islands

I think I am in love with this light.  

On this little journey to Spain this week, I had this overwhelming remembrance of hue. I have been to Spain before~ I have seen this light before.  It is so beautiful.

I met photographers from Tasmania, Australia and Colon, France, and also a restaurateur from Holland that all had the same deep love of this ethereal aspect of the Mediterranean ~ the golden filters of light.  We talked about the love of the light, the softness, the warmth, the healing glow of this place.  They were drawn here for their work, their art, and their health ~ light healed her depression a woman shared.  I can understand that kind of healing.  I believe in God's glorious (and healing) light.  

As an artist of light, I am captivated by the glow.  Can you see it too?

Photos of this delicious place will be flickered this week.  If you are curious about this sweet spot off the coast of Spain, visit me there.

In His light,
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