Sunday, April 10, 2011

at the farm~

The first lambs have arrived.  Yes!

Two little hybrid vigors ~ a bit of white ewe and black ram. They are my favorite for their spunky personalities and their hearty little bodies. This little one is just hours old.  But soon he will be fluffy, wagging his little tail and bouncing around his Mum.  

 I knew coming home on the plane that the shearing had been done without me, I could survive that I suppose.  I just wanted to be there for the first baby lambs.  Of course after flying for a full day & night I wasn't in great shape for the farm...until I got there.  Home.

 The ewes are all happily awaiting.  Smiles abound~ even as the snow falls.

 They know where they are and they know they are loved.  These sheep are moved around all year ~ summer in the high mountain passes, autumn (here) in the meadow valleys full of alfalfa, and winter in the warm deserts where the green grass grows.  But, Spring they come home to the farm~ they love it here, you can see it in there faces.

I love these sweet faces, I have missed them.

I haven't missed a thing.  Two little lambs born and they are healthy and well.  It is a bit alarming to see a thousand sheep waiting for their turn,  knowing that there is no way to prevent what is soon to come...

We have snows this weekend which will be hard on new babes.  Prayers are raised high~

Hope your weekend is full of spring~ life & love, 
in Him,

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