Monday, November 1, 2010

holiday notes

haven't even put away the wigs and swords from the Halloween costumes, they are right here in a pile at  the bottom of the steps.  I promise I am not that organized.  I do however have the crazy-holiday-brainstorm going and it is busy in my workspace right now. Buzzing!  I love this time of year.

I have set out enves (envelopes) in all sparkling shimmers, photos of little lambs all fluffed and happy, and a list of *all things merry and bright" to work and re-work.  This is how I do my best work ~ I have to lay it all out.  Is there a method to your creative genius?  Do you have to set it all out to see? or can you do it all in your head?  I envy the artists that don't make huge messes...

I have a few Christmas card ideas put together.  As friends and family know~ Christmas cards are my favorite fetish.  I love them.  They incorporate everything I adore ~ love, hope, gratitude, God's unfathomable gift, and they are uniquely personal.

I have also made up several large prints of some of my fav images from this year~ and I am putting them in the shop here in town and online.   The frames are a new find.  Yummy?

Look at my mess.  I was moving framed photos around the room for lighting, I think it looks like chaotic fun.  Want to come over and start your own project?

The image above is in the shop.  It is one of the most brilliant images I have~ gorgeous. One of those rare perfect moments, you know?

I will be selling a bunch of these sweet 5x5 prints framed this holiday.  I have some wonderful ribbon to wrap around the little ones and will have them all ready for gifting.  All my square photos will be available for framing ~

I have one photo left of "i know you" (above) in the shop.  Isn't she beautiful?  A lovely girl just purchased one for her new baby's nursery and I think she will just love it!  This one is framed and ready for a new home, 11 x 14.

And here is one of the Christmas cards I have put together for a friend, I fell in love with it,  and so it is now new to my etsy shop.  Come and visit?

I will be adding more to the shop this week ~ at least 3 more cards.  I also have hopes for a couple more to come next week, including a little tag card of little "yes" lamb.

What are you working on this week?  After I get my chores done, I will hop around the blogs and see what you are up to...

Love, lambs, and hugs!
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