Tuesday, November 2, 2010

bikes & sheep feet

We went out for a bike ride to the sheep camp this weekend.  

"Campo" is along the east hills right now as the sheep take beautiful green lush fields and turn them into well manicured golf courses (well, that is what it looks like to me).  It was a fun ride out to the camp- through town, over crunchy piles of leaves, around hills, finding dirt roads...We must have looked like we were having fun, so much fun that Luis wanted to hop on DH's bike when we got to camp.  He just hopped right on and took off.  The dogs went wild...a wild chase...

"What the heck is he doing?"  "Where is he going?" 
 Look at all those tails wagging~

 Now that is fun on a Sunday afternoon...

Isn't that picturesque?  Thankfully Farmer moves the sheep to fields that are so beautiful~ (for my picture taking, of course).

I think these girls have a lovely life.  So much adventure, too.

And here goes my man (hombre), pretending he is a sheep?  Where is he going?

What to do when adventure calls? sit back and question, weigh all the options?  or...put the fears aside and jump?!   Life is too short and there is so much fun to be had (right Pam?).  I need to remind myself of this often.  Whether it is a silly bike ride, new creative projects, or impromptu trips to new places.

I had a thought this morning~ perhaps life should be lived with sheep feet: nimble, ready for what the day brings, and eager for green fields, willing to go where the Shepherd (Jesus) wants to go next. The only problem is that sheep feet aren't a very pretty mental picture are they?

What is God calling you to try this week?  :o)
ready, set, go...
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