Sunday, November 1, 2009

October (the birthdays)

And so it happens...the little boys grow up.

The day arrives when sweet little boys turn 18 and 16 and life as I knew it ~ is over...

Ben's 18th
(actually the end of September...the picture here)

Boy birthdays are wild and chaotic ~ lots of laughs, loads of cake and too much noise. But check out the looks on these faces as Ben figured out what his gift was...
Priceless. Ben was overwhelmed with cool guitar stuff (a pedal-sound-changing-thing-that- requires-a-louder-than-average-amp-to-share-guitar-love-with-the-entire-neighborhood). We ordered 9 pounds of ribs from his work and set out to eat away the night. My hands were too messy for the camera? Shoot. Then an all night (all night) rock concert with friends ~ I have said it before, my mother would never have survived this house (sooo loud).

And Peter's 16th
Flags parading his birthday for all to see (for Pete to be surprised mostly), everyone else in town was curious if I was hosting an open house or putting our house up for sale.
Today he is the Big Man...and he does love the attention.
Sweet gifts for the tennis loving foodie...a huge bag of Idaho potatoes and all new tennis stuff. Happy boy!
A priceless picture of this great day! Love it. Love you Pete (even if you have to grow up).

Love you boys, so glad we could share your birthdays with you and hope we can for every year to come!
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