Sunday, November 1, 2009

October (Joshe)

Birthdays, school events, and Fall decor, and no room for kids in the car. Darn it. October blew in and out in a huge burst of activity. Too much activity actually. Because of multiple things to share, I will cut it down to fun-size. Here is a sampling of Joshe right now...

Illustrated by Joshe:
Josh is a full time writer/illustrator. He rushes home from school with all new ideas for books, cards, recipes, and letters to friends. It has been years since we have witnessed this kind of wordy ferocity (since Ben was this age, 10+ years?)

He writes on both sides of the paper and needs to lay out every page to make sure we bind it correctly (staple x3). There are times when the book is completely put together backwards and no matter how hard we try to convince the writer to re-organize it, he will refuse. (I hope that is normal for his age?) It is a little hard to read when you have to read everything right to left.


The recipes:
(Ben used to do this ~ but they always had something to do with icecream.) Joshe's recipe on the counter today (for our dinner he tells me) is for hot dog buns, a chicken/bean filling and a recipe for some delicious ice water. Yum?

In a desperate attempt to make money, we now have to pay to enter the laundry room. Very original indeed.

Piano man:
Watching and learning to play, he will love this room someday, just like his Daddy.



Always Ali...she is a mainstay in this boy's life.


Original artist:

And this is how you know that Josh has been in your space, little bits of this & that, this time it is the Beatles wig (from Halloween last year) cut and glued all over my work table. Oh, my.
(Cristi, if you read this...Joshe needs to be in Mary's class!!!)


Much more to follow...too fun.
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