Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Wild & Sweet - Online Holiday Workshop

It is already that time of year...can you believe it?  

I have missed you, my life has been so busy.  How are you?  Are you loving this sweater weather? 

 Do you want to catch up this holiday season?  I would love to!  

Let's make a date!

I have patiently impatiently been going over my sketches this year, making piles of all my winter favorites to share with you this holiday.  The studio is filled with new stories, colorful creations, and sparkling new watercolors and holiday art.  

Does a few weeks of playful art sound fun? 

If you need something lighthearted, encouraging, and joyful in your life right now...this may be exactly what you are looking for! 

snow-glittered donuts
fresh cut wreaths & garlands
holiday inspired cards

favorite farmhouse recipes 
 savories & sweets
(my sister is joining us as our guest chef)

Christmas tree primer
a merry little tree farm - block art

saint lucia
candles, ribbons & sparkling bows

sheep in the kitchen,
geese in the garlands

...and all of our favorite
woodland creatures,

spilling joy wherever they go!

Dozens of sketching ideas to get you started...

Art for beginners and those most experienced!

Dozens of gifting ideas - fresh, beautiful, meaningful, 
(and sometimes very silly).

Delicious holiday savories and sweet treats, too!


Wild & Sweet
Online *Holiday* Workshop


simple and sweet -- and FULL of Christmas goodies
A great price for so many adorable projects!

*instantly available*

Once purchased each workshop is yours to keep...
the doors are open anytime.  

A holiday workshop to bless you with joyful creating...
and inspire your sharing art & heart with those you love! 
((A big warm hug))

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