Monday, January 15, 2018

Italian Pilgrimage - May 2018

Blessed are those whose strength is in the Lord, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage...
psalm 84:5

I am in love.  Completely smitten.  

Traveling through Italy last year, Orvieto held my heart and didn’t let go.  
I still feel it's pull on my heart.  Even now it is a common dream wake from, 
walking along these cobblestones, a heart that is alight with creativity and joy.  
It is like walking into a Italian fairytale.

I have been honored this year to travel again...and to offer this trip to you!  
A shared blessing~ me and you in Italy!

Just imagine the palette of colors, the softness, the golden filtered light 
that the sun gifts this place.  

The beauty is so unique, you must experience it yourself.

We will learn helpful phrases and delicious meanings:


Che figata!  

and oh, so...bellissimo!
(I didn't know any Italian before my first trip - I will help you - and you can help me!)

Italian Pilgrimage  |  May 13-19 2018  |  Orvieto Italy

Orvieto, Italy

Orvieto is one of the most striking, memorable, and enjoyable hill towns in central Italy. 
Less than 90 minutes from Rome, Orvieto sits majestically high above the valley floor 
atop a big chunk of tufo volcanic stone, overlooking cypress-dotted Umbrian plains. 
A visit here will reward you with a delightful, perfectly preserved, and virtually traffic-free 
world highlighted by a colorful-inside-and-out cathedral and some of Italy's best wine.    
 - Rick Steves

With a short train ride from Rome, Florence, or a bit longer from is a quiet town
 in the middle of the most wonderful hilly countryside.  Travel details are simple to follow, 
Michelle will be our planner, organizer, and helper.  She will help you all along the way in
 making your trip amazing!  I will be traveling after to Florence or Rome (still in the works)
 if you want to join me.  I also will have all the details for my travel if you want to meet up 

You are welcome to email me for details.  I would love to help you!   
Junelle's email:

Michelle Logue email:
Adventures in Italy website:  Adventures in Italy

Because you are traveling with me...

We not only will appreciate all the history and architecture, the amazing vineyards,
 and delicious offerings. We will also find and create art in everywhere we go, 
make friends with everyone we meet (including four-legged), and experience this
 treasured time with all of our hearts.   

You will love it all...

I am inviting you to find your pilgrim feet in this artist’s sanctuary.  
You are going to be met by divine moments as you share this space – a sweet convent 
in Orvieto – with your small circle of friends, all while working and playing in your
 very own Italian studio.  Think of a beautiful fairytale, some of your best artist friends,
 at a favorite Italian café, with paints and wine in hand!  

Inspirations to fill your art journals all year long...

silly + sweet art mediums to try...

I am bringing together the best of my creative plans this spring to inspire your 
sketching, photography, watercolor, and words.  I am opening the doors to any
creative artistic medium.  I will share all kinds of techniques and fun projects 
along the way in a variety of arts.  Beginners are (my favorite) always welcome 
and artists of any medium are adored, encouraged and supported!  

A few of the things we can explore together...

Pen and ink
Illustrative coloring
Art journaling

Let Orvieto lead your artistic heart — all of your art will be collected and created in her
 town squares, cafés, and sanctuaries.  Your art and heart will thrive in our week together,
 you will be amazed at the art you create!

Much love and kisses on both cheeks!


Italian Pilgrimage  |  May 13-19 2018  |  Orvieto Italy

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