Friday, July 8, 2016

There still is time to jump is a blessed adventure calling you!

Along with my online *Pilgrimage Workshops* this year, I have some special offerings that you are personally invited to attend.  I would love for you to join me!
I will be traveling in Italy in September.  I will be teaching all kinds of beautiful and meaning rich -- art and faith at two favorite locations: The Art&Faith Retreat in Lake Como and the very next week in Orvieto, Italy.  They are both incredible locations with uniquely wonderful experiences. 
 They are both my favorite!

Travel is always a gift.  Every special trip I have taken has changed me, strengthened me, given me friends I cherish, and wild adventurous experiences.  I have traveled with family and alone to Europe, it really is so simple. The lovely hosts on these weeks to Italy are well traveled and have all the answers and help you could ever need.  I will be with you, too! 

I would love to have you join me for any and all of this amazing adventure.
It is a pilgrimage of a lifetime!!!

Pilgrimage 2016
This September...just enough time to pack and plan.

You are sooo invited to come along with me...
I would love to be with you in Italy!

September 10 - 17 
An unbelievable journey into a fairytale~
one you will love, dream of, and will never ever forget.
I can vividly remember my very first night in Bellagio - it was so enchanting! I had tears of love, joy, gratitude, and awe. I could see clear across the most beautiful lake imaginable with a golden, pink and purple sunset and see the tops of the Alps. It is one of those divine feeling that stays with me. It was truthfully, a life changing trip.

Is it time for you to step into a pilgrimage of your own? 

I so hope you will join me!

Early morning walks, fresh lemon gelatos anytime you need one, and taking in the unbelievable views from your balcony.  And one of my favorites, sipping espressos outside the beautiful church with the locals.  Laughing together as we make fresh pasta, art journal in cafes, drink bellinis, and sit by the pool. Dinners are always extravagant, it is always a visual and culinary treat.  I still dream of the food!

We will immerse ourselves and live our lives (for this time) in these small towns, 
we will be living out our Italian dreams!

Art & Faith:  Breathing in the gift it is to share in God's goodness, creating new art in our Illustrated Bibles, handcrafting a beautiful Italian art journal, playfully sketching the markets, photographing the beauty of the water, painting the gorgeous churches and estates, the unreal landscapes and beautiful people!  The local people stole my heart, they are so lovely and helpful.  It will be another gift to make new friends, right?  

I seriously can't imagine a more amazing place to share with you.  
Italy is an artist's dream...and it will be for us too!

All the details for Bellagio are right here:  Art & Faith Creative Retreat

* * * * *

Pilgrimage 2016
This September...just enough time to pack and plan

September 18 - 24 

 I have been dreaming of this....

We will walk the streets of pilgrims 
- experience for yourself the wanderlust and holy moments -
let your heart be immersed in love and beauty.  
Join me for a week of pilgrimage in Orvieto, Italy.
All the details are here: Adventures in Italy

Many beautiful images of Orvieto here.
(photos are the Steiner's - our lovely hosts)

I am sooo in love with Italy. 

It is the palette of colors, the softness, the golden filtered light that the sun "gifts" to those that hug the Mediterranean. The beauty here is one of those treasures you have to experience for yourself. For me, it is a dream come true to find our pilgrim feet in this artist sanctuary, me and you. 
We are going to be met (and completely captivated) by divine moments as we share this space - a sweet convent in Orvieto - with our small circle of friends, all-the-while working and playing in our very own Italian studio. 

Just imagine...
waking up in the most beautiful fairytale,
daily exploring and creative play,
 adventures with joyful wild-artist friends,
walking cobblestone streets full of visual delights,
holding & sharing prayers on our pilgrimage paths, 
painting, creating, laughing and eating   
all with a sketchbook (and wine) in hand!  
Yes and Amen to all of above!


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