Friday, February 5, 2016

Open House -- Traveling Brightly Workshop

Open House Weekend
Hello friends....I am so happy you are here!  Welcome!


Traveling Brightly  
 online open-studio workshop
art journaling + daily discovery + favorite block art
Finding the beauty in life's everyday moments & celebrating them in our art...
(all while laughing at our wild antics)

I have been hoping you would stop by - here's a big hug, a nice warm fire, and a hot cup of tea.  Do you want to put your feet up? 

How are you? 
How is your art?
How is your heart? 

I have been thinking of you.

These winter months can be such a gift of rest, rejuvenation, and for some of us -- hibernation.  They can also be a busy season of new projects and new art.  I think it is reasonable to want a healthy mix of both, don't you?  (That is why they make such darling pajamas, right?  We just get so much done in them some days!)

I am quite sure I could curl up in a big blanket with my sketchbook and be happy every weekend! How about you? 

Grab your sketchbook and join me for an Open House Project!!!

We are just starting a fun project that we will be completing 
together the first week of class.   All you need is a 
sketchbook and a mechanical pencil.  

 * * * * * * * * * * *

This workshop is a wild mix of favorite block art, special sketches, and inspiration from my love of the creative journey...a pilgrimage of faith & art.

It isn't necessary to have taken any previous block art or Pilgrimage courses.  This is just a delightful couple of weeks to get out the bright, sparkling, and joy-filled art that our hearts need and spend a few moments together -- playfully and prayerfully investing in the art our heart's crave.

A collection of spirit filled, lighthearted loves...of taking this journey together
 -- adventures and all --

"We're all just walking each other home." 
 Ram Dass

simple supplies + beautiful colors + a big dose of wild inspiration

A list of some upcoming projects: 

traveling brightly deliveries
hearts grow fonder
light sparkles
the smallest joys
stained-glass mosaic

peaceful toes
Brother Lawrence stories
rooted & grounded in love
fresh french bouquets

daily stretches and creative discoveries
dozens of sketches
amazing creative community of support

and of course, mischievous lambs and others from the 
blessed barnyard!


* * * * * * * * * * *

Along with our original supplies (that I email you), here are a few extra things to have on hand - keep it simple:  
(You don't have to purchase all the supplies listed, these are simply a guide for what is used in upcoming projects. I like to use what I have on hand and encourage you to do the same. Be creative!) 
Wood blocks  - typically 2x4's cut in various lengths (3, 4, 5, 6 inches), a 2x6 cut into a squared shape, any other wood pieces you come across.  I cut at least a dozen, at random lengths, at a time, you may want to start with less.  Hardware stores will cut them for you, just ask a nice looking person to help you.  If you don't want to use wood blocks you can use canvases in any size, art journal pages, or simply sketch along with us in your sketchbook.  Once you try a wood will be addicted.  Fair warning.

Sandpaper #100
Sketchbook (one you will use) and mechanical pencils
Book paper, torn from an old book
Pieces of colorful paper.  I recommend cardstock weight (heavier, thicker), but any will do.

Acrylic paints - any colors that you love right now.  Include white/cream and black to your mix.
Heavy body acrylic paints - titanium white (golden brand is what i use) and any other colors you love the most.
Acrylic brushes - in assorted sizes.  Purchase a small inexpensive package if you need variety.

White gesso - I love the cheap gesso (Daler Rowney)
Decoupage or Mod podge - matte finish is my favorite
Neocolor ll crayons or a set of simple watercolors - we use brown quite a bit.
A couple sheets of 8x11 hot pressed (smooth) watercolor paper, you don't need an expensive brand.

Black sharpie fine point pen
White sharpie poster paint pen, fine or medium.  I have a hard time finding these outside of
Texture helps - start collecting little pieces of punchinella, sheet rock tape, or bubble wrap if you like the look of texture in your work. (Find things around your creative) 
Clear glitter, ribbons,and small sharp scissors.

* * * * * * * * * * *

In all the courses I have taught (many, many) I have learned that the greatest gifts are found in a collective mix of artists coming together with goodness in their hearts, kindness on their lips, and an eagerness to build inspired moments for all.   
I see you, my friend, as one of these blessed souls.
You are the most important part of your art
I believe in you.  I know you have it in you...

I am honored you will join me and our group of amazing artists as we embark on a new adventure in lighthearted creative play.  You may just find your new creative muse in the mix!

* * * * * * * * * * *

love & gesso



Do I need to take a block class (Saturday Mornings) or your pilgrimage class (the Art of Pilgrimage) for this class?  

Nope!  All of my workshops stand independently from one another.  Sometimes it is fun to build upon a collection you may have started earlier, but it isn't necessary.  You are always welcome to jump in and see for is always brand new!

 Traveling Brightly 
 online open-studio workshop
art journaling + daily creative discovery + favorite block art

[ The second in a series of workshops
on Pilgrimage 
-- a beautiful collection for each season]

a perfect mix of all things wonderful --

a light & fun approach to mixed media art, watercolor, and playful

daily sketching, stories, and devotions.

Workshop opens: Wednesday, February 10  


Once purchased each workshop is yours to keep - 
the doors are open anytime!

*If you already purchased this course through our first pilgrimage class, 
you should be receiving a confirmation email from me. 

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