Monday, January 18, 2016

a new year for...traveling brightly

 I have so much fun each winter -- starting a whole new collection of art. 
I embrace the challenge to find witty new sketches, everything freshly painted & art sparkling new.  The passionate creativity I feel each winter is such a gift.  Do you feel it to?  To embrace these cold dark months as our open studio time is brilliant! (for me - no yard work or lambs needing to be fed)  To dig into something new and see where it goes is pure adventure.  Pure adventure!  Some of my best work is done during these cold winter months.  I think the hibernation must be good for our artist's hands and hearts.  A very strong cup of tea is good too!

If you are brand new to art, or to my love of playful art, welcome!

I am introducing a new course for this year:  Traveling Brightly

If you didn't take my last Pilgrimage course, but think you may want to jump into this workshop, please do!  Each of my Pilgrimage courses will be uniquely their own, you can take the entire series or opt to take any that suit you.  It is completely up to you!  **Once purchased you have access at anytime, they are yours to keep!  

Our adventures in Traveling Brightly include:  
A beautiful way to see the world - We jump joyfully into our art in a brand new way each day.  Each step leads us down a unique path of our very own -- so exciting! 
Daily emails (first 10 days): open gates, gentle graces, wild adventures, and uncharted blessings~
A classroom filled with over a dozen new project ideas & sketches.
A mix of devotions, poetry, prose, and blessings to inspire your journey.
Introductions to some of my favorites: saints, writers, artists, friends, farmers, and sheep.
A joyful and encouraging teacher that delights in you and your art (that's me!) 
An artist community, one that we can love, to eagerly support and collectively share. 
Winter fun -- if you have taken "Saturday Morning" block classes with me before, you know the fun we have!!!  
A brand new collection is waiting...just for you.

We will pour creative helps & love on your own personal projects - finding what really makes your heart and spirit sing.  Let's uncover your own creative path and support your journey!  

We will be seeing and finding, collecting and sketching the divine moments that tend our paths and have new inspirations for our favorite winter projects!
We will create inspiring art -- thick with color, story, blessings, and friendship along the way.  Try your hand at art journal creating or my favorite, block art. You will love it!
We will take artist dates together. What?  Yes...fieldtrips (online)
We will be building space to support each other's creative dreams and nurture hearts - a private facebook group (and I have the best and most loving facebook groups ever)

 Traveling Brightly 
 online open-studio workshop
art journaling + daily creative discovery + favorite block art

[ The second in a series of workshops
on Pilgrimage 
-- a beautiful collection for each season]

a perfect mix of all things wonderful --
a light & fun approach to mixed media art, watercolor, and playful
daily sketching, stories, and devotions.

Workshop opens: Wednesday, February 10 


Once purchased each workshop is yours to keep - 
the doors are open anytime!

*If you already purchased this course through our first pilgrimage class, 
you should be receiving a confirmation email from me. 

I have two amazing trips planned this September. It is the year of Pilgrimage and I am so excited!!!  I would love to have join me in Italy!  Only a few spots left in each week -- Lake Como and Orvieto.  Contact me for really should come with me.  It is life changing, affirming, and heaven on earth for girls like us!!!   

If you didn't get the chance to try our first Pilgrimage are the details.  Jump in and join us -- we are doing a year-long study & artist workshops -- you are welcome to any part of it!  xo

Pilgrimage Online Workshop
wild faith & wild art 

[The first in a series of four workshops
-- a beautiful collection for each season]



The big question is...whether you are going to be able to say 
a hearty yes to your adventure.  

Joseph Campbell

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