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pilgrimage: wild faith & wild art

Open House Week

I am so happy to see you...xo


Pilgrimage: wild faith & wild art

Tell it, girl– that we evolve; 
that life is stunning, 
wild, gorgeous, weird, brutal, hilarious 
and full of grace.  

Anne Lamott 

Our adventurous new fall workshop is almost ready...are you ready, too? 

 It has been pure joy collecting the ideas and imagery for this little journey.  
Soon we will be building your collections, too.  

For me, projects like this always start with a word.
This time, in this moment…it is Pilgrimage.  

I have talked about it so much with family and friends I think they will tell you - it stole my heart and it just won’t let go.  I am a pilgrim on a mission of love.  

The word pilgrimage defines historical places and religious calls, stories of miraculous moments, defining choices/consequences, personal transitions in life. It is also a word that playfully whispers, 
“Let’s go…Let’s go…” 

taking us by the hand into exciting and transformational adventures.

In preparation, I have been called on my own pilgrimages of faith and high adventures.  I am walking the same paths we are taking together...

I know for myself the challenges, fears, joy and growth that accompany the word yes and I hope you will trust your heart to say yes, too.  


Pilgrimage takes many forms~

You may be setting out or just returning from a memorable place. 

Your heart may be ripe for a new challenge.

You may just need a friend to give you a brave kick-in-the-pants to get started.

You may be living a (hard) pilgrimage of faith right now.  
You are not alone.  Let's pray together xo

You might be on a path you have always wanted to take.

You may be on a path you never thought you would have to take. 

Your heart may be calling you to something more.

You are welcome here. You are Loved.  

Welcome to the journey my friend!

Our time together: 

A full two-week workshop that will easily fit into your current creating. 

A beautiful new way to see the world - through the eyes of Pilgrimage. You will love it!

A joyful and encouraging teacher that delights in you and your art (that's me!)

Daily emails (for our live class - November 1-14) :  I will make it sweet and simple for you to catch the daily emails and carry the inspiration with you.  An email, a sketch/project a day, a message of love, and time to chat in our private facebook group.  

Introductions to some of my favorites: places, saints, writers, artists, friends, farmers, and sheep (of course)

A dozen fall projects: sketching, watercolors, acrylics, blocks, stitching, photography, and art journaling.

We will pour creative helps & love on your own personal projects - finding what really makes your heart and spirit sing.  Let's uncover your own creative path and support your journey!  

We will be seeing and finding, collecting and sketching the divine moments that tend our paths and... 

We will create inspiring art -- thick with color, story, blessings, and friendship along the way. 

An open house sketch for you!

Please use what you have and what you love.  If you are not sure, wait and see how they are used in the classroom.  I love using items from my own stash, don't you?

Sketchbook and mechanical pencil - the inexpensive ones are great! 

Watercolor paints of your choice, I use several varieties at a time

Watercolor or Neocolor ll in flesh color 

Mix of watercolor brushes

Black uni-pins - o.2 - o.8 and a black fine-point sharpie pen

White sharpie fine-point poster paint pen and uniball signo white pen

a couple of small canvases or wood blocks (cut 5" or 6" long from 2x4 wood)

Canvas or wood panel at least an 8x10 size

Watercolor paper (hot pressed 140lb).  A larger sheet or block (I use a 12x16), an 8x8 block or loose sheets (watch the in-class project videos to see what size you want to use) 

Small smooth surface (hot pressed) watercolor paper/cards.  I love these for art journaling watercolors.  Link here.  I use the "ecowhite" cards.  They fit so nicely in an art journal, in a card, or in a frame.

Art journal of your choice, I am using an old book.  I will show you when class begins.

Variety of acrylic paints (I love heavy body acrylics)

Paint brushes used for acrylic painting (an inexpensive set is great)

acrylic gesso - I use Daler-Rowney simply acrylic gesso - any type will do. 

decoupage or mod podge (matte finish) and a glue stick

Krylon workable fixatif spray 

a mix of few colorful papers, ribbons, photo corners, and a stapler

These links are just to be helpful, I am not compensated for any links I share.

I am inviting you to step into a brand new adventure with me...

Pilgrimage Online Workshop
wild faith & wild art 

[The first in a series of four workshops
-- a beautiful collection for each season]

November 1-14



The big question is...whether you are going to be able to say 
a hearty yes to your adventure.  

Joseph Campbell

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