Tuesday, September 15, 2015

a first look at the journey...come along with me!

Often when starting a new project, workshop, collection, I can outline the same exact routine.  A silly process perhaps, but one that works wonders for me. 
I literally do what most of us only dream of...I drench myself in quiet.  I leave all my social media behind for days and go old-school-notebook and strictly imposed simplicity.  It sounds harsh doesn't it?  It is like a self imposed time-out that isn't punishing.  

Like being told to stay sitting on your mat during yoga, it is so hard to do (for me), but so nurturing. Being quiet. Calm. Focused. 

Daily, after caring for the needs of real life, I take time to walk, sketch, and pray. I find it easier to unwind on my front porch or while walking to the blessed barnyard.  I have all kinds of creatively playful projects to work through and I need to get to a place of "soft groundedness".  

Inspiration grows like wildflowers when I allow this precious space and I welcome every idea with equal excitement, filling sketchbooks and notebook-fulls of ideas.  Some of these sketchy ideas are relevant (which tells you most are sooo not), some are uber silly, and some seem to take shape as complete concepts or collections, which really helps me to stay focused!  Thank heavens!!!

Many times I jump back into life full of clarity about what steps I will take next. 

But, this is actually where the journey just begins... 

Sometimes I get caught up in what I am studying/reading/creating and stay focused for weeks. Perhaps too long? ((grinning)) I really do love my self motivated time-outs.

This...taking the first steps into a new journey is what I am excited to invite you into this fall (and  next year, too).

A pilgrimage of wild faith & wild art

For starters, our adventure into our first Pilgrimage: wild faith & wild art includes: 
A beautiful new way to see the world - through the eyes of Pilgrimage. You will love it!
((I am in sooo in love with the material for this course already!))

I will bring the travel to you (unless you want to join me...then please do!)

A joyful and encouraging teacher that delights in you and your art (that's me!)

Daily emails: open gates, gentle graces, wild adventures, and uncharted blessings

A classroom filled with over a dozen new projects and loads more sketches.

A mix of devotions and creative ideas to inspire your journey.

Introductions to some of my favorites: saints, writers, artists, friends, farmers, and sheep.

Fall projects: sketching, watercolors, acrylics, blocks, stitching, photography, and art journaling... 

I am inviting you to step into a brand new adventure with me - Yes!  It will be me + you, on our first path of pilgrimage... 
We will pour creative helps & love on your own personal projects - finding what really makes your heart and spirit sing.  Let's uncover your own creative path and support your journey!  

We will be seeing and finding, collecting and sketching the divine moments that tend our paths and... 
We will create inspiring art -- thick with color, story, blessings, and friendship along the way. 
We will take artist dates together. What?  Yes...fieldtrips (online, you won't need to travel). 
We will be building space to support each other's creative dreams and nurture hearts - a private facebook group (and I have the best and most loving facebook groups ever...it's a fact!) 
We will also be able to collaborate in creative messes -- some fun new ideas!

Pilgrimage Online Workshop
wild faith & wild art 

[The first in a series of four workshops
-- a beautiful collection for each season]

November 1-14

$35 early registration 

Pilgrimage Online Workshop $45 - after October 18

a brand new collection of favorite art, 
and of course...

a whole lot of heart. 

In joining me, you will have first notice of all of my personal art retreats coming up this year -- I haven't opened any of my U.S. traveling pilgrimages yet!


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