Monday, August 31, 2015

save the dates

My photo shoot this darling neighbors.  We are only missing two cats.  Quite the feat!

What a fun week.  My goodness!  

The little ones (and big ones) are back in school.  The laundry pile is finally reasonable.  I have photo shoots like this one (I seriously have the most fun neighbors -- just look at those cute faces), and I realized that there are loads of workshops/classes/events all coming up so soon.  I better get ready!

What a fun way to welcome of our most favorite seasons, right?
We need to get our sketchbooks out and get our creative season started...

I personally also want to share all that is happening here.  I do hope you can join me.  Grab a pencil, I can hardly wait to show you what I have planned...and to see what art we can come up with together?

Fall 2015

One of my favorite Autumn loving courses will be offered at the Brave Girls University this fall.  The Art of Goodness: a fall and holiday workshop.  It will be available on my site as well. I do love those sweet projects!


I am also excited to celebrate the beauty of home with my friend Jeanne Oliver.

Art of Home

 This delicious offering looks amazing (as usual).  
I have the sign-up for her workshop in the following post if you want 
to jump into that yumminess!  


Downey Studios - North Carolina
November 13-15
There just might be a spot left with your name on it!

In person Workshop Details Here   

* * * * *

My favorite new Fall offering...I am in love with this class...

Pilgrimage Online Workshop
wild faith & wild art 

[The first in a series of four workshops
-- a beautiful collection for each season]

November 1-14

Each workshop is two full weeks, daily emails, a classroom filled with a dozen projects,
a mix of faith & art that will inspire you, introductions to some of my
favorite friends (saints, writers, artists, farmers, sheep?), a brand new collection of favorite art, 
and of course...a whole lot of heart. 

 A full year in the making... 

All the pretty details/sign ups will be available this week!


$35 for early registration for this Online November workshop.  


winter 2015

a special sneak, sneak peek...

All Creatures Great & Small
(all things bright and beautiful, too)

Online Winter and Christmas Workshop: Eight days of
faith-filled art & blessings for your holiday season

December 1-8

Another favorite workshop that has been nudging my heart all year...
A gift of the heart for sure!!!

$22 early registration price - 
sign ups for this workshop start the first week of October.


spring 2016

 Farm to Art 

I will have submissions for farm-to-art learning this spring.
Hard work.  Muddy boots and little lambs.
Delicious farmhouse food.  Beautiful springtime art.
Can it get any sweeter than that?

Get on the newsletter list for all the details coming soon.

March/April 2016


Along with my online *Pilgrimage Workshops* this year, I have some special offerings that 
you are personally invited to attend.  I would love for you to join me...

Pilgrimage 2016
Next September...just enough time to pack and plan.

You are soooo invited to come along with me...
I would love to be with you in Italy!

An unbelievable journey into a fairytale land you will never forget...
All the details are right here:  Art & Faith Creative Retreat

* * * * *

Walk the streets of pilgrims - experience for yourself the wanderlust and holy moments -
let your heart be immersed in love and beauty.  Join me for a week of pilgrimage...
All the details are here: Adventures in Italy


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