Friday, March 27, 2015

art of house week

Open House Saturday


Come on in.  But, leave your shoes on, 
we are headed out...


Art of Spring: pink cheeks & mud puddles

Our silly & joy filled springtime workshop is almost ready, 
want a sneak peek?

In all of the planning for our *springtime open house*, I have made sure to set out extra jackets, hats and scarves.  Grab what you need, it is still a bit chilly and you will want to be warm.  

Are you ready?  Bundled up?  We are taking a short walk to the outdoor studio. 

Come on in the gate...say hello to the ewes.  
This is what a springtime "welcome to our adventure" is like~
Jump into class with us - we are just getting started this week!


I hope you will forgive my sheepy addiction, hopeless lamb love affair, woolly affection and know that my heart (and art) are ready for everything that spring has to offer.  

This upcoming month is promising abundant blooms, gifts of newness, and bringing us hopeful messages for our ready hearts.  Let's grab our sketchbooks, we don't want to miss a thing.  

While coming up with ideas, I focused closely on the *short sweet projects* that we can start and finish with ease.  How does that sound?  Like a quick dose of love & inspiration in our busy lives.   
Like a daily creative vitamin?  

Oh, yes...I like that idea.  


Can I interest you in something delicious?  My sister has cooked up something sweet~

I just peeked in my oven and a plume of steamy scented yeast, cinnamon, cardamom, and orange zest hit me! We're going to enjoy a bit pan of fluffy and fat cinnamon rolls this morning - some plain and some studded with toasted pecans and golden raisins. The orange zest in our dough will be repeated with some zest in our icing drizzles....see how the icing melts down into all the swirls?  
Oh, these are going to be good! 
We're using up the end of the winter oranges today and juicing them into a big stoneware pitcher so you can pour your own. It's refreshingly chilled and such a perfect balance of tart and sweet!  

I have some gorgeous red and green apples that I'm cutting into thick slices and tossing into a pan with a quick knob of farm fresh butter, a  sprinkle of coarse salt, and a sprinkle of brown sugar. Not too much! I'm going to get them warm and starting to sizzle and let the edges get a bit of color before tossing them around in the pan. I want to keep these a little firm so we'll watch them closely and take a taste every once in a while! Just before these come off the stove we'll sprinkle a little nutmeg - or maybe cardamom - over the top and toss them quickly to coat....perfect. 

Our stoneware bowls will look so pretty with those fat rolls and toasty apples. Grab some juice, and a mug of coffee or tea, and lets get going on our projects that are coming up! Make sure you grab one of those flour sack towels from the stack on the table...I think our fingers will be sticky after this yummy meal!

Our scrumptious breakfast menu  |  Rhetta's Spring Table


While we are all together, I wanted to share the friends that have agreed to take part in this little spring workshop:

Valerie Weller  
Of course I love this girl.  We all do.  You can see her bright & blooming heart through the beauty of her art.  Her sweet additions to our classroom are already making it more lively than usual, her charming rooster is a favorite already!

Rhetta McIff
My sister, my friend and my personal masterchef-foodie-extraordinaire.  Just wait to see what she is dishing good in so many delicious ways!

Farm girls
Some lovely ladies of the farms - with adoring poems & stories to warm our hearts. Thank you for sharing your sweet words in our upcoming class.  xo


friends of the farm...with their funny little bunny

Please use what you have and what you love.  If you are not sure, wait and see how they are used in the classroom.  I love using items from my own stash, don't you?

Sketchbook and mechanical pencil - the inexpensive ones are great! 

Watercolor paints of your choice, I use several varieties at a time

Watercolor or Neocolor ll in flesh color 

Mix of watercolor brushes, watch first class video for more information 

Black uni-pins - o.1, o.2 and o.3 and a black fine-point sharpie pen

White sharpie fine-point poster paint pen and uniball signo white pen

a couple of small canvases or wood blocks (cut 5" or 6" long from 2x4 wood)

Canvas or wood panel at least an 8x10 size

Watercolor paper (hot pressed 140lb).  A larger sheet or block (I use a 12x16), an 8x8 block or loose sheets (watch the in-class project videos to see what size you want to use) 

"Paper Source" cards or small smooth surface (hot pressed) watercolor paper/cards.  I love these for art journaling watercolors.  Link here.  I use the "ecowhite" cards.  They fit so nicely in an art journal, in a card, or in a frame.

Art journal of your choice (I show you many ideas in video below).  I have purchased one for spring from Badger and Chirp, (an etsy shop I love)

Variety of acrylic paints (I love heavy body acrylics) in spring colors: magenta, yellows, white, greens, blues...

Paint brushes used for acrylic painting (an inexpensive set is great)

acrylic gesso - I use Daler-Rowney simply acrylic gesso - any type will do. 

decoupage or mod podge (matte finish) and a glue stick

Krylon workable fixatif spray 

a mix of few colorful papers, ribbons, photo corners, and a stapler

These links are just to be helpful, I am not compensated for any links I share.

Valerie's projects:

1 sheet of 16 x 20 Arches 140 LB cold press paper

Watercolors (any kind that you like and may use regularly)
(I will share my palette, as I get asked about my paints and colors often- but don't feel compelled to buy all new things)

Watercolor brushes- I like to use a #12 Round, #2 Round, #1" flat wash brush, #3/8" Angle shader or a #1/2" Angle Shader

A bone folder, ruler, and Xacto knife for cutting and folding the arches paper into a journal booklet.

A yard of of grosgrain ribbon

Extra Fine sharpie, or Pentel Stylo (If you have a fancy ink pen like a Lamy Pen, that would work too- but the sharpie is just fine for this process.)

A uniball signo white pen

and a plastic straw


“Not all of us can do great things. 
But we can do small things with great love.” 

-mother teresa

A little sketch video of springtime goodness. Grab your sketchbook & pencil...
and sketch along with me. We will finish this little watercolor together in class.


Our spring art will include pencil sketches, watercolors and acrylic projects

pigtails & pigtails
barnyard blessings
boxes of bunnies

friends of the farm
baby bulbs
well loved eggs (oh, my)

a walk to the farm
charming roosters 
(guest artist - Valerie Weller)

lambs in the willows
to market - Daisy & daisies 
(think Downton Abbey)

little black sheep blocks/canvas
piles of vintage quilts 
barn cats
& more...

Our class is ready for you today, sign up here: 

Art of Spring : pink cheeks & mud puddles

A great price for soooo many projects!  


Art journal helps - some ideas for making your very own at home.

Let's keep it simple. 
Springtime art that is simple, joyful, and nourishing - start to finish. 


Invite family and friends...such *springtime merriment* - colorful stories from the barnyard, playful sketches and art, and delicious meals should be shared with those we love!   

I will see you on soon~
love & lambs,


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