Monday, January 19, 2015

sparkling new offering

The shimmering light is flooding my old home's south windows.  It is the winter's gift, a spilling of sparkles, bright colorful joy...everywhere.

Joyful shimmers.
Yes it says...God is with us.

His goodness and mercy flood our hearts (when we sit still long enough to see, right?), and
the beauty of today's creations - just as they are - in full sparkle.

Can you see winter gifts too?  

My weeks have been filled with family and art.

I decided at the beginning of the year to do some collections of personal art.  Things that I had been meaning to start and complete.  Resting from classes and commissions, I sketched.  Ideas were taken from photos of last year's trips, pent up muses, and bits of things that had been floating around my studio. I gave into the warmth of the open windows (and at night the warm fire) and painted to my heart's content.

It has been quiet, restful, and good.

It is important to care for your inner artist.
She needs quiet moments to pursue her heart's inspirations. make the art.

*  *  *  *  *  *

As much as I love the restful respite of a warm fire and my own thoughts, I have missed time with you!  It is time to get together and make some beautiful new art~

What do you think?

The best thing I did last year was begin it with a crazy fetish of my favorite block art.  I loved every single project we did together and have displayed and gifted them all year long.

This year I want to jump in again, with both feet, into a wild new mix of color and whimsy. It is surefire way to get creativity flowing and colorful ideas always is!

This class is~

Easy and simple. 

Taking simple supplies (mainly acrylic paints and brushes), blocks of wood or small canvases, and bits of ephemera, we will come up with brilliant little works of art that you will love.  LOVE.  The instructions are easy to follow: videos, descriptions, and easy to follow images that will help you with each step.

Sketch and create in a sitting.

Every project we do is simple enough to complete in a day.  I  will promise to make it simple enough for a novice and easy for seasoned artists to create their own unique pieces.  We will sketch dozens of ideas...dozens.  You will be amazed by what creativity you have in you!

Lovable and inspiring.

You will want to hold and kiss each one...they are that wonderful.

Pretty and practical.  

Beautiful unique art that can also hold favorite verses, recipes, quotes and prayers -- these little pieces are treasures of love and daily use.

Honestly...what can be better than that?

In all of the brilliant new art we came up with in our last class...the sketching ideas just kept growing. I had an sketchbook brimming with new loves.  You too?

 a *brand new collection* of my favorite block art 

You don't have to take the first class to jump into this one (but I know you will want to!).  We will be messy and wild in our explorations of new and playful ideas. Each weekend for four weeks will have a classroom filled with new content.  Can I give you a sample of what I am working on right now?

All new sketches & art include:

baking cakes - a master class
Italian love letters - lettere d'amore
sparkling layers of winter whites

old world doorways & romantic stoops
fresh french bouquets
frolicking sheep & mischievous lambs
home blessings
pocketful-of-sunshine valentines
and little lovebirds 

Block art from past workshops & Stampington's Workshop magazine

Every class I offer is filled with wild new inspirations and sooo many sketches. Every *project day* we spend together will be a treat for us both - creating new winter/spring collections of art, sharing our hearts, and being reminded again and again...
You are a beautifully unique artist and you are so loved!

I will be online each weekend of class and will be in daily support of our online artist community. These are some of the most kind, friendly, helpful, and silly-wonderful friends you could ever meet. We do have the best art-hearted artists around!


These are a few offerings from last year's workshop.  
Sign up: HERE.  


 Join me for a brand new & favorite...
(online) Open House
(on my blog...for all to see!)

The Open House will have fresh new class offerings, a welcome
 message, helpful hints/tips to get started, and of course delicious sweets.  
Oh, yes...sweets.  

Saturday Mornings:  Love & Whimsy
My Favorite Blocks Collection 2


Online class begins Saturday, February 7

Our class will run live for for 4 consecutive weekends. 
Jump in every weekend for new content and take as long as you need to complete your projects.
You will receive a confirmation email and invitation to the Open House within 24 hours of purchase.  Class login instructions will be emailed the day of class.  


If you need help getting wood blocks, it is simple. Take the list of measurements I will give you to your local hardware store and have them cut the blocks for you.  Some stores charge a small fee.  Kind husbands, brothers, neighbors and friends with a saw are also especially helpful - if you don't have a saw yourself.  I pick up blocks at building sites as well - from the pile of scraps!

 You also have the option of using a canvas, art journal, or any other art medium instead.  Every project is able to be made multiple ways.  Simple! 


Thank You

Thank you for being so patient and kindhearted towards me and my family this winter.  It has been a rough and long recovery for my son as he is regaining his strength from spinal surgery and I am so grateful for your prayers and help during this time.  I was completely worn out!  

I am also thankful for the reminders I have had again and again of the power of prayer, 
I don't understand how prayer works but it does.  I am a witness to its miracles.  

I am grateful for God's love & tenderness towards us in our times of greatest need.  He is love.

I am thinking of you my sweet friends and planning wonderful adventures this year...
May you be so very blessed in this sparkling season of newness. 

In grace & peace, 

If you are interested in the first Saturday Mornings Class...

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