Thursday, January 1, 2015

expectant hope for the new year

I am sure of this.  

There was a pause in the adventure.  I wish it were not so, I wish I were super-human and could keep up with all that happens around me, but the way my tender-heart is created, I had to pause.

Have you had years like this too? 

Are you going through this right now?

My sweet Joseph, 16, has regained his strength and is almost back to himself.  He went through an exhausting surgery/recovery for major spinal problems this fall.  Unable to attend High School for 6 weeks is rough - especially with a non-homeschooling Mum like me.  He is finally going back to school and is smiling.  It is a miracle what the human body (his body) can endure.

*It is the gifting of prayer...hundreds of prayers were sent our way...and we are forever grateful*

My heart is completely covered with new mends, it looks like a tattered and darned sock. Watching and caring for anyone in pain is difficult, having it be my Joseph was undoing.  I think I aged 5 years.
I definitely have a soft spot for anyone dealing with caregiving.  I have learned a great deal about the stresses and the need for support.  It is so important to have a calm and determined mental state and to be able to talk to someone when you need to.  It is hard work, harder than I knew.  If you are a caregiver (in any form) I am praying with you and for you.  Reach out - don't feel alone.

I have to share this sweet face.  

My collection of lambs keeps growing.  I am adding this sweet lamb this week (after I choose a name).  She graced my holidays and was the perfect lamb-gifting for friends and family this year.  If you are ever in need of a tender-sweet moment alone with these babies, come visit me in the mud and straw here: Yes and Amen 

They have the gift of peaceful love, don't they?



I am excited to have more time and energy to spend here (online) and in my sunny studio this year.
Wonderfully wild and heart-felt things are in the mix for this new year.  I even have a couple of new workshops to add to this season of newness~  

My love-filled series on Pilgrimage is in the works (don't miss this one).  I will be posting details as soon as next week.  Rich in art, divine leading, and adventure, it is just right for this year! 
Starting this early spring...    

And then there is this...

Oh, you know me...addicted as ever.  This is a brand new mix of winter, whim, and wild new art to add to our already lovable collection.  Every little project will be a gift to your creative muse...

This 2nd collection class will begin later this month, January, sign ups start this next week.

I am grateful to be back, thick in paint and sketches, with you again!

In prayerfully anticipation of this new year, 
with a heart full of expectant hope...
Let's jump into this new year of adventure together!  

in His grace & peace,

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