Sunday, September 7, 2014

i can smell the sunshine in this place

[I decided to pull my current workshop content to the top of the pile and fill these few days with wild romping through fields of alfalfa, belly laughter, and soaking up the illustriousness of summer's glow.  These beautiful models have volunteered to help me in these projects this summer/fall - yes!]

I can smell the sunshine in this place.

Having taught inspiration-collection ideas again and again, I feel, should give me confidence in this creative material. I know this topic. I have tools, ideas, formulas.  I am quite confident in how I derive fresh content for my work.  This is what I do.

But here I am once again...on my knees.

I am always a student.  Always.

The light moves me.

I know this about myself, I am addicted to its romantic call.

This late summer light is an dreamy elusive thing.  I don't know really how to describe it in a way that doesn't sound like I am a floating my boat in my own dream world: warm, heavenly, exquisite, sublime...holy. You know what I am saying, it is that place in our heads and hearts where we have lovely memories stored.  Where everything makes us happy and cry?  All is pretty and overly romantic and not quite real?

I started out this week with plans to get caught up in my stack of projects.  I put my head down, focused on my work...and the light sneaks in and begins to woo.

Well, what do you do with a woo?

Visual artists, photographers, wordsmiths, and those that dwell in spiritual places, you know the words I speak, don't you?  The way you can't help but be lost in that late summer glow.  You have to be out in its ribbons of gold, to find ways to capture its sparkling touch.  It seems this time of year that the world is much more beautiful than you remember.  

This type of inspiration is a beautifully enlightened friend.  I have learned again this week, I must listen.  I must be wooed.  I must be willing to listen to my caring friend (inspiration | revelation | whim).  There are divine moments that are quietly waiting to happen.  I can imagine them or I can live them.  Which do I choose?

There are moments of healing laughter, wildflowers to collect, vistas to explore and sketch, and beautiful images to  

I am also reminded this week of the beauty and poetry in collective work. Combined creativity is always filled with giddy excitement. I realized again this week how healthy it is to get out of my studio and into inspiration-threads with others.  We grow as artists when we spend time together.  

These lovely models, all local ladies, have blessed my evenings with such joyful moments I gratefully treasure and hold with both hands.  I had to be brave to ask and they had to be brave to show up.  We are made for each other!  Thank you.  The collections we have created together will bless students in my fall retreats and in my upcoming online classes.

I think you should join me!

Perhaps it is time for you to chase the summer light?  Today may be the right day for your inspiration collection to begin...again.  Listen to the woo.  Be pulled by the light.  Trust the holy muse and find your shoes.  Just go.  

I can't wait to hear what you find~

In His love & light,

You can find me at these amazing retreats this fall: 

Nurture Your Creative Seed Retreat
(a very small group of fun adventurers...yes!)

(a favorite place with some very best friends!)

*a new favorite*

I have to share one of my favorite new finds.  I was gifted with a copy of the most delicious Bella Grace, a new Stampington & Company publication and I am in love.  The feel of the pages, the rich, dig-deeper content, and the heart connections I feel -- all combine to make this one of those things you treasure and want to share.

Open this sweet magazine and tell me you are not instantly captivated...

I think you may fall in love...Bella Grace

Leave me a comment if you would like one, I have an extra in my studio that I would love to share!

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