Friday, August 22, 2014

summer of art+love

It has been a summer of art + love.

As a hardworking photographer, I am humbled by the intimate occasions I am invited into.  Each project is unique.  Moments so beautifully tender I often have to fight back tears to get the image I want. I find myself praying (expectantly) for soft filtered sunlight, for divine moments, and for a trusting heart to believe it will happen.  You must be very brave & very humble.  It is true, you must.

I thought you might like a peek?

This beautiful wedding was on a local sheep farm.  When I was told that, how could I say no?  Even though the sheep are away at camp (in the mountains), the bride's dog was here to greet me when I jumped out of my truck.

A bride in the dirt?  At a sheep farm?  In boots?

Oh yes...I knew right then - this was going to be good.


The images that tell a story --they stay with us and captivate our hearts don't you agree?  

Sometimes just being reminded of goodness and love -- seeing it displayed in all its color, story, and glory is enough to keep me going.  It is the divine shimmers that keep me passionately engaged in this life's journey.

We all need these love stories, don't we?  

Thank you Zeb and Aimee for letting me have a glimpse into yours...

With love,

And, the after parties are always a load of fun too...xoxoxo

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