Friday, February 21, 2014

saturday mornings - the open house!

Open House Saturday

 a springtime class open house & special treats for you...

   If you want to join this "block party" please do!  
It is open all year and is full of colorful & meaningful projects. 

Sign up here:   

Saturday Mornings : my favorite blocks collection 

Welcome!  Come on inside...I have been waiting for you!

I absolutely love having you here, you are my favorite and I have been hoping you would stop by.  
Every open house, my boys are amazed at how excited I get. I can't help it.  All of my favorite artists in one place?  Bliss~

Today I am opening my online studio to you, answering questions, and giving you a jumping off point for our upcoming class. Hopefully you will find all the answers you need! 

May I share a story with you?  

My Dad built homes, he loved his work and did it well. I am living right now in a home my Dad helped us remodel/rebuild.  It was a huge job and he lived with us in our small town for months as we rid our house of bats, old pipes, and crumbling walls of plaster.  He took simple tools and great skill and built new strong walls, doorways, and bathrooms.  We would come to see the mess each day (I had tiny boys at the time) and we would gather the blocks of wood that piled up from framing.  We would stack them, build towers and create our own fun on the building site.  I am so grateful for the amazing gift it was to have my Dad's hands building this great home. 

Building with wood is in my inner framework, too, I guess.  Having all this freshly cut wood, the feel and smell of these little blocks, they bring me to such a happy place.  Who doesn't love the smell of fresh cut pine?

These little stacks are a wonderful reminder of so many good things - 

 "creating all things new"  

Taking part in an eclectic art project (especially a collective one like this) opens all sorts of creative potential.  It is really a wonderful way to stretch those art muscles and leave you with treasures in return.  As much as I love art journaling, this block art is an easy favorite too.  


Along with a very silly name, Our Saturday Morning: favorite block collection class has a different calendar. I had to work in time for teaching this spring and of course...the lambs.  Hopefully having a weekend project will make it simple to do at your own pace -- and you and I will always have something new to look forward to!  Yes!


Dates for our NEW projects each month: 

March 8 - March 15 - April 5 -  April 19 - May 3 - May 10 

All you have to do is peek in the classroom for the new fun easy!   

For all of you that just can't wait to get started, hopefully this bit of fun may keep your creative thoughts going strong.  I love the little Sochi collection I have made.  It stands proudly in my kitchen window  (blocks made with the Olympic designs).   I feel like such an artsy athlete, perhaps you will be inspired to use one of these designs too?  

This is a beautiful image from the current winter Olympics.  What a wild designer!  You may want to use something like this for inspirations for a background.  Or just like it simply how it is!


Can I offer you a treat? 

My sister is a food-artist and works in "deliciousness".  I begged her for a menu for today and she blessed us with this one...yum.


If you haven't signed up, all the information is right here:

Saturday Mornings : my favorite blocks collection 


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I am thinking of you with every sketch.  My new workshops this year are taking shape and I hope you will join me on the dirt paths we find before us...
brave journeys, new experiences, wild art, and a deeper heart for God.  

Coming soon!   I will put you on the short list for this one...

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