Tuesday, January 21, 2014

reminded and ready

Gaudi's week in Studying under the Masters - jump into class with me! 

Every time I work through a new study/project/workshop, I have been met with such revelatory moments of self-doubt and clarity.  I am understanding the process so much more and each time the passion and process mix I take the next leap.  Have you been met with new/unexpected creative insights this past year?

The workshop I so eagerly jumped into with Jeanne Oliver, Studying under the Masters (mine: Antonio Gaudi), gave me the focus and depth that I had been missing.  I love to study.  I love to find something to delve into - and he is the wildest study of genius and mysticism, creation and creator, organic forms and the modernist movement. I have read every book and still have too many questions.  Don't you love that?

The artists still coming are just as varied and unique as I could hope for...Cezanne, Botticelli, O'Keefe, Chagall...and more?  Honestly, what a fascinating workshop this has turned out to be.  Love it.  There is still ample time to jump in HERE, or on the sidebar of my blog.

The Laguna Beach meet up 2013...so blessed to be there.  
I had a wonderful adventure last winter, a trip to the California coast to meet with these gorgeous, inspiring and influential ladies.  We laughed, ate lovely lunches, shopped and talked for hours. I was amazed at each one of these women.  Their lives and art were so unique and inspirational.  My heart was so blessed.  Their beautiful messages of love and candid stories of personal growth have stayed with me.  (I was reeling from early menopause (too much information?) and they were so supportive of my weirdness - thank you.) These women helped me to see what it was I really loved.

I love being in this space.  I love art with all my heart.  But more than those things combined...I simply adore you!  Each friend I have had a chance to meet, email, message, and hold hands with...you are what my heart is excited about each day.  I am so excited to meet you and hear your stories, see your heart leap at what you can create and watch your art grow!  It makes me smile all day to see you push through fear and thrive!  

In the coming winter/early spring months, it is time to venture into something completely new.  I am sooo ready and excited to bring my new inspirations fresh to you...Wild art and Wild faith.

It will be a brand new collection of goodness, a mix of all my favorite things and all the things I know you will LOVE (I do listen!).  I hope you will join me for the wild adventure this year seeks to be...

Details this week...xo

Grace and peace,

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