Tuesday, October 15, 2013

harvest party (the art of goodness workshop)

Open House Week 
(a special week...to introduce you to the fall & holiday workshop!)


   If you want to join our Art of Goodness Online Workshop, please do!  
It is open all year and is packed with inspiration, loads of projects, and messy fun.  

Hello friends, come on in!  

I absolutely love having you here, you are my favorite and I have been hoping you would come!  
It is true, my boys are amazed at how excited I get about an online open house. I can't help it, all of my favorite artists in one place?  Magical~

It has been a cold mix of autumn sun/rain/snow, so come on in and snuggle up. I have a fire going and you are welcome to stay as long as you want.  

This week, I am opening my online studio to you, answering questions, and giving you a jumping off point for our fall workshop. Sound good? 

a little shop at Gardner Village, Utah
Nope, that is not my studio - but I am thinking it would make a cute one!


I have been thinking of you.  I can't help but think of your creative life as I sketch out projects and decide what words and images to include. It is a huge gift to combine our art adventures and to see what will happen.  I am always amazed at the things you come up with!  If you haven't taken a class with me before, just know I treasure your heart's sketches.  

YOU are the most important part of this class!  

Do you have your sketchbook ready for next week?   

Well, I have been preparing, I just picked up a huge basketful of new sketchbooks!

We will also have an online sharing community - this is one of the favorite parts of class for past students.  I will set up a facebook group page that will provide you with a safe and easy way to share your work, creative thoughts, questions and encouraging words.  It is also a great place to find a mix of new friends.  Please join us if you feel comfortable doing so!    

For those that like to use Instagram, just add this #artofgoodness to your images.  And if you need me, I will be available throughout class (and all season long) on facebook and by email: me.junelle@gmail.com     


I am Junelle Jacobsen and I currently live in a small town in the Manti LaSal mountains in the state of Utah, USA.  It is quite rural, very seasonal, and I am surrounded by some beautiful pioneer homes, fields and farms.  There are many turkey, cattle, and sheep farms.  Deer and elk are our winter friends and these mountains are known for their mountain lions and bears (I know, yikes!).  

a photo of my home from 1900
This is my home.  We live in an old house built in the late 1800's.  Isn't she sweet?  I love her character and charm and all the stories that her old walls hold.  My husband is grateful we found this photo well after our remodel, I would have asked for a great deal more work!  

Looking out my kitchen window

My husband and I have been married for 24 years, we moved a great deal for school, and have raised four sons (and have been raised by them in the process). The oldest two are in college, one is a high school freshman and the other is finishing elementary school.  Our oldest, an adorable, silly, animal loving girl named Hillary Hope, our only daughter, passed away and awaits us in heaven.    

Living in this small town has humbled me, I live here with a much softer heart.  I pray to be fueled with God's love and see with hungry eyes the beauty and holy in everything.  Every place I have ever lived has been a gift, and this quiet little town is a gifting every day.

As my family has grown older, I stepped into my love of photography and art with my whole heart.  I began taking as many creatively-edgy classes as I could find.  And then confidently jumped into a successful, all-year-long business of photography.  I am also creating/pursuing my own wild-art classes and events. (Getting older really is fun!)    


But it is here, it the quiet open fields, that I learned to passionately step into God's daily adventures.   

And this is where, on one of those wild adventures, He led me right into the blessed barnyard and into the messy sheep...

Hello messy baby   
(But that is another story...)

Right now, this week, they are all home for quick shear (and a hug + kiss), and then they roll out to the lush green desert.  It is much nicer during the winter in Las Vegas (and yes, their version of Las Vegas is very different than ours).  I miss them terribly when they are away, they are my friends.  

Here is just a peek into what my (other life) looks like...


I think it is brilliant to have a variety of interests, it makes daily life so colorful, never time to be bored.  I treasure every dirt path God has walked me down and hope to always be ready for the next one!   

Do you feel the same pull?  
Are you ready?  

Would you like to jump into a new adventure, too?


My amazing sister gave me this delicious Open House menu...I can smell the gingersnaps, yum!

Thank you - Rhetta McIff    xo


Can I show you some of the projects we are working on in my studio?  They are all based on simple sketches we will do together...and then we jump into a whimsical mix of all kinds of mediums!

Here is my oh-so-very-cheery introduction~ 

We will playfully work our way through watercolors, pen & ink, art journaling, and painting on wood blocks (yes, a favorite!)  And, we will get to try out the softest wool, too.  I personally love to have a piece of handiwork (embroidery, quilting, stitchery) to keep my fingers warm and busy.  I will show you how to move your sketches into any stitching project. 
We will be creating art we love (from our very own fingers), making practical and beautiful works to grace our homes and gift our friends/family.  Almost every project we make is giftable!  Just think of it...beautiful art from your sweet heart, all ready for the Christmas holidays.  

Here are a few of the things I wanted to show you...

Loads of autumn art...looove...

Art journals and soft woolies...to make and to gift...

Blessing boards filled with goodness...

Gingerbread House art...with the recipe, too...

Gingerbread art all wrapped up for a gift...just add sprinkles. 

Holiday Cards...we will have LOADS of sketchy ideas for the most simple and sweet cards.

And of course, art journal entries to add to your sparkling season! 

Class begins as soon as you sign up!   I hope you will find yourself wrapped in inspiration and a cozy blanket.  I am honored to have you as a friend and I am hopeful that the time we have together will be a great blessing to us.  I believe in you.  I believe that you are a beautiful artist with something meaningful to share.  I will be thinking of you and praying over our time together (that is what nuns-in disguise do).    

But right now, I have to find my thick socks.  My boots are by the door.  Farmer called and I have to help move sheep.   I will be right back...will you save me a cookie?  

I do so hope you will join me!  

The Art of Goodness Workshop



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