Friday, October 11, 2013


Why is it that the broken, downtrodden, and falling so beautiful?

If the paint crumbles and glass falls, if the boards creak and the dark spaces seemingly hide secrets (and nocturnal dwellers) it makes the alluring artistry even that much greater.  I can't help my curious heart, it loves the rusty, crumbling and shambles.

Is the beauty in the falling apart?
Is it in the broken down mess?
Is it in the hundreds of stories the wrinkles may hold?

To me, every little bit of broken is something of beauty.  Textured woods (missing boards and insect damage) mix with layers of milky colors, making the old sheds and bent trees a fascination. Dying leaves become a palette of unmatched gorgeousness.

Autumn seems to trick our eyes into seeing with a new lens. Everything around us is decaying and dying and I can't stop reacting with, "Oh my goodness, look at that!"  "Look at that tree!"  "Wait! Can you see how red those branches are?"

It is literally breath-taking right now.
Do you feel the same way?  

"But I am poor and needy; Yet the LORD thinks upon me."   
Psalms 40:17

The intrinsic beauty of brokenness and the fast-falling-fall leaves whisper a melancholy into those whose hearts are already tender.  I know, I feel it in me.  

The beauty may not make sense to the part of us that desires what is new and complete and in control.  But to the soft parts of our souls, we feel the bittersweet.  It calls us into a deeper stillness.  A quiet reflection of grateful acceptance and humble gratitude for God's providence.  

IN all things, in ALL things, and in all THINGS...we are so blessed.    

In awe of this Autumn threshold we come to, in this season of wild change, we don't have to find ourselves saddened by the end of summer (I repeat this to myself each morning, yes I do!).  We can, with wholehearts take in the gifts of this every-minute-changing-beauty before us and be blessed by what we come to understand and then remember...

"There is no one more beautiful than one who is broken"  

Watchman Nee 

(I love this is a good one to keep close)

Amazed by His love,
and with arms held wide with His goodness...
I am so grateful for these grace-full days.

(thinking and praying for you, too)

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