Sunday, October 13, 2013

basketful of sketches

Yes...our fall workshop, the art of Goodness is about to begin...
Open House is on Tuesday, right here on my blog, and class begins next week!!!

Our upcoming workshop is filled with all kinds of whimsy and fun!  As with all of the projects, you are welcome to use any format for creating that you wish.  I personally love art journals and use them for many of the projects I am doing, you may want to jump in and try one?

If you need some help in finding or creating your own art journal, I have a bitty video for you. You are also welcome to come "just as you art" to this class, you decide after we begin exactly what materials you would like to use, I will give you many options!

Don't be limited by what you think you need to begin an art journal.  It is so simple!  Perhaps you could use an unused dictionary, a small textbook, an old cookbook?  I always look at size and texture of paper, make sure the book is not so old that the pages begin to fall out on their own.  Choose a hardback book with a good binding. I also love to have a book with strong headings or interesting text.

I have no doubt you will find exactly what you need.    

The next thing you will need:  a sketchbook 

Or if you are like me, you buy a basket full!

As with all my projects, I begin in a sketchbook. Letting the little pencil sketch my heart's dreams and share my daily life is the jist of my art (it is also great therapy!).  I use these books for all my artistic endeavors: painting, photography, writing, documenting, and even organizing all my classes.  My favorite sketchbooks are larger in size and have a smooth feel, and they are often some of the most inexpensive on the shelf.  If you don't have a sketchbook, I can't emphasize enough the amazing tool that it is.  I personally can't live without one.  Make sure to choose a size and feel you will use.

Here are my favorites:  sketchbook or sketchbook (the second is my favorite favorite)

All of the delightful details for class will be ready for the Open House on Tuesday (and all week).  I hope you can come, I am so thrilled to meet you and give you a big online hug!

See you soon!!!

loves and gessos,

Do you still need to sign up?  

Here is the information:  HERE and HERE 

Link for class will be listed soon!  (change in classrooms) 
thank you for being patient.



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