Monday, September 16, 2013

heart-full harvest

Heart-full harvest.

Like most girls that own boots, I have a fetish for crisp morning air, hot homemade bread, and the crunch of leaves.  I love the long shadows, the last hanging apples, and those red oak leaves...

Yum, I just love everything about you...sweet are my favorite time of year. 

I know by looking at the pile of new books and the basket of sewing projects at my feet, it is the time of year I root around for projects I love.  Fall does that to me, does it do it to you too?  

My focus goes to things meaning-full, rich in color/texture and taste (homemade apple-spice donuts anyone?), and artful projects that bring my heart...home.  That feeling of place: quiet centeredness, groundedness, safety and abundance.  And a hearty fix of happiness and joy, too.  This is the time of year when God puts his bounty of goodness on display...a fall of harvest and color filled leaves are always a source of holy wonder and breathtaking beauty.   

Do you find yourself longing for a taste of these things too?  

I have been working on dozens of projects for a new fall/holiday workshop (yes indeed!) and I am excited to get the best of them pulled together for sharing. I am currently sitting in the middle of  piles of wood and wool, I have a new art journal to share and a sketchbook filled to the brim with autumn's goodies.

I think it is time to create some new heartful art...what do you think?

(a little leaf  | last fall's Wild Art 2 workshop) 

But, it is in the cool evenings that I find myself wrapped up with a sketchbook.  Prayerful and grateful, I think this time is so nurturing and addictive (that is a funny way to say it).  And it is in these soft sketches of fall, often simple and always silly, that my heart finds it's way back home...graced with joy and laughter...and filled with goodness and mercy.

Jesus definitely has a sense of humor, I am certain of it, and I am often quite lost in it.

I want these sweet giftings for you as well.  Would you like to come along with me for a few weeks this fall and create some heartful art for your heart, your home, for your art journal and your holiday gifting?

Yes, yes, yes...I would love have you with me!
Autumn is a time of sharing~

Let's make a date of it?  I will post the details and the sign ups this week...

I will have an open house (online) and everyone is invited.  I also made sure to invite all the won't want to miss that!

love and gesso,
and a warm autumn hug to you,
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