Monday, August 12, 2013

garden of goodness (an artsy weekend)

the garden

What is it that captivates us so with a luscious and masterfully tended garden?

As I stepped inside the gate this weekend, I heard myself catch my breath.  In awe of such tended blooms, the harmony of the bees and the hummingbirds on the trumpet vines, and the soulful attention to every detail of this living curation, it was like stepping into heaven.  Even the moss was smiling under the watering hose.  Isn't it enchanting to peek inside the gardener's heart -- to see their bit of cloistered space come to life (and be so adoringly attended to).  A secret garden~ 

This amazing artist has created something wonderful -- organically and on a massive/growing canvas.  I am literally speechless...and in love!

Tonya is the wonderful host. This is her garden, her blessed and treasured space, and we are her guests on this day.  Our retreat, a day of playful sketching and watercolors, aptly named "The Wild Garden" was held as part of a series of "Artsy Weekends".

It is interesting for me to see in this vast garden of delights what she, the gardener, chooses to sketch.  The planner, dreamer, cultivator...where is her heart leading her today?

Each of the girls attending our day long retreat has travelled here with hopes and wishes in her heart.  I am grateful for their patience with me as I teach some of my favorite art, watercolor and sketching.  We are all hopelessly captivated by the romantic view just outside our classroom. Our garden palettes fill with hues like: freshly cut grass, bluebells, sunshine, and fawn (a lovely brown).  With everyone filling their heads, hearts, and sketchbooks with lovable images, we spend the afternoon happily painting with our colorful fingers and brushes -- creating little masterpieces that delight us all.

These girls are amazing artists from all mediums of the art world, it is amazing what they create!

 I love what art does for each of us here.  It attends to our hearts.  It stills the chaos of life that swirls in each of our lives and gives us a moment to rest, breathe, and let God tend to our broken places.  It makes perfect sense that we would be so tended here, in this garden of His delights.

Through the day, each of our tender hearts show up in various ways, and we remember our inner selves. Our real and honest selves are safe here.  We need this time be who we really are.  

It is a real gift to be treated to a day like this.  So lovingly catered, cared for in every girlish way -- even cupcakes at 3 o'clock.  Girls just know how to care for other girls, don't they?

Our retreat creator and hostess, Marci Welcker, is such a beautiful spirit.  She comes to this business with such a gifting of hospitality and whole-heartedness, I can't imagine a job more fitting for this lovely girl.  You can see her attention to detail and her honest desire to reach and hold each of our hands and hearts.

I treasure her friendship and her vision for art...she knows how needed art & heart-held-moments are are to our too-busy-lives.  Thank you!

It is delicious food for our spirits.  

Tonya in her tended garden with our delicious catered dinner...
Oh, my mercy... delicious. 

Our lovely Marci and her happy you sweet friend! 

Our Brenda, who drove 1,000 miles from Saskatchewan, Canada to be with us today.  
You my girl are amazing and I adore you!  

To all of my favorite artists (each and all are my favorite you know), I am so blessed to be your friend.  I am grateful for today's gifts of Tonya's garden, of Marci's heart of goodness, for blooming blooms, and especially for each of you and the art that grew from your own are amazing!  

I will think of you every time I sketch and paint this summer!

Gardens are our link with the divine
William Howard Adams 

In gesso and in Jesus,

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