Saturday, July 20, 2013

home art

I think my porch needs a fresh sweep, but that old door is really cute don't you think?


I have a dozen of these cuties for sale, they are made in North Carolina and I had them
ship me an entire box.  I love these pillows and these door/wall hangings too much!
I am thinking they would be an adorable summer gift (to myself and others?).

I haven't found them sold locally, but I know they are being sold in boutiques across the U.S.

For a little farm girl like me, it is so funny, having art for sale 
& not knowing where they will pop up!     

The door/wall -- Tall mailbox
$28 + $6 shipping 

There are three different pillows, but I had them ship me a box of these "love notes" they are 9"x17" - an adorable size to put with other pillows (on that front porch swing?).  I have this little one on my guest bed.  

Love notes pillow
$18 + $6 shipping

Sold Out

I hope you love them as much as I do.
I will ship them all out this week!!!  

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