Tuesday, January 22, 2013

thinking of you

This is the time of year when the world is frosted in white.  For a girl who loves gesso and lambs, it is quite the gift!  A wash of newness - awash with possibilities. Like a box of  unwrapped canvases or the first crisp pages of new books.  You know that feeling?  A fresh start.

I have been away.  Not a long trip away, but a bitty retreat of my own:  hair pulled up, thick sweat shirts, and a notebook in hand.  I don't know about you but I have to step away sometimes in order to see (Quite literally - And now I learn I really do need glasses!)  It is the time I need to pour out, dig-deep and see anew. Anyone else feel that way?


With the quiet beauty of a white world, I am putting together all kinds of colorful projects.  Some art is simply for me, cathartic, honest and goofy.  A perfect mix!  Many ideas are being sorted into piles of projects I want to do with YOU this year.  A whole pile of new WILD ART.  And some of the fun is being filmed for an upcoming class this spring ~ little spring lambs of course!

It is good to sit with messy hands of paint, a list of ideas, and a calendar of hope-filled days, dreaming big!
Are you doing the same?

Many lovely opportunities are coming up soon.  I have been on the phone and emailing with several people that want to come HERE for a summertime/autumn workshop.  What?  Really?  Here?

There are special plans to be made to meet friends in NYC (Yes Joan, let's just do it! xo).  

A fabulous retreat is planned for the Spring just outside of Chicago.  I will be teaching and meeting new art friends ~ my favorite! I have been planning my workshop for this event and it just gets more playful and fun each day.  I have boxes of sweet and silly to bring and share.  It is at the Abbey Resort on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  You should come with me!  I am giving up a week of lambing for this artsy event -- so you know it is special!!!

And in a couple of weeks, a bitty trip to the coast. Oh, I need it!
Have you taken an artist date lately?  

Well, I have one planned for us.  I would love to have a *Wild Artist Date* with any girls that can meet up.  Valerie Hebert, and I are choosing a day trip to the coast (Laguna Beach most likely). It is the perfect mid-winter treat!  We will plan on Tuesday, February 5 for an relaxing day of art, food and silliness.  It is an open invitation!  I will post the details later this week ~

Why not give yourself the gift of a fresh page today?

Flip open that calendar and choose to see a new adventure. Artist dates away from your studio, your schedule, and your life are important to your creative heart. We all need fresh eyes to see!

Perhaps it will be a new class?  I always keep a list of classes I want to take. Christy T. just posted her gorgeous she-art offerings.  Beautiful!  I can't think of anything more fun than a calendar of classes.  
Maybe you want to adopt a puppy?  I know where you can find a cute litter!
Or this may just be the year you pick up guitar, a camera, or a job at a local farm (lambing?)  
The possibilities are endless~

This is the perfect time of year for dreaming and doing...I can't wait to see what you will choose!

Thinking of you~


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